Think twice before turning down a low paying gig


Most of the time I hold to my gig rates but there are those times when someone contacts me about voicing a project that is rather large. Maybe it’s an entrepreneur just trying to get started (I was too at one time) and they have a small budget. This happened to me a few weeks ago. For some reason I wanted to help out this client. So, I offered him a very low rate…something he could afford. It paid off for both of us…the client got a professional voice over for his videos and I received some great reviews AND a repeat client. In fact, I reached Level 2 because of the voice overs I recorded for this client.

So, I’m not saying to “low-ball” every gig request…have respect for your talents. You deserve to be paid for your skills. But, every once in a while, if it feels right…give a client a special discount. They’ll love it and you’ll feel good about yourself for a very long time.


Good advice for new sellers looking to build up their portfolios early on! Just be sure not to get ripped off in the hopes of repeat business, as some buyers like to make big promises about more work for you.

But if it feels right, a little good-will can go a long way in building your reputation and loyalty!


The majority of my sales come from repeat clients <3


Great Advice


This is a great idea if you are starting off and need some positive reviews for your gig. Fiverr already offers extremely discounted services, so i couldn’t image giving someone a deal on top of a deal very often unless the discount was minimal.