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Think you're having a bad day?

With all of this chat about the horrors of the new rating system, here’s something that might lighten up your day a bit. The screenshot speaks for itself :))

I requested a mutual cancellation telling the buyer “I’m afraid I’m too ugly for you.” I don’t want to risk getting less than 5 stars for having too big of a face! Hehe. Where do these buyers even come from to think that’s okay?!

LOL :smiley:

Oh my goodness.

How do you cope?!

What a putz. L-)

"Please be pretty"

HAHA! You need to add a $100 extra “I will minimize my face”

What the…

When did that buyer decided to ignore the fact that sellers are human beings?

SO rude…

Wow how incredibly rude! I had a buyer a few months ago ask for me to try and look my best for the pictures. Mutually cancelled that order. Some people really do have a lot of nerve.