Thinking about quitting this site


First of all, I had an order to write a post for a buyer. The order came in the day before Christmas and I politely told the buyer I had no problem writing it but it would be better if I could start it after the holidays. I had family coming in from away and would be at fathers house where there is no internet service. Duh. Its the holidays. The majority of people spend time with family. They agreed and we mutually agreed to pick up the order after the holidays. I tried to cancel the order but something went wrong and the order stayed there and when the time came for it to be delivered, I ended up with a negative rating because it wasn’t delivered even though we mutually agreed to cancel the order. Secondly, I had another buyer request that their guest post be posted to my blog. I accepted the order, read the post, liked it and posted it to my blog and tweeted it to my 4000 followers. Something went wrong with my blog in the following days and I was not aware of this until today. Not only did the buyers post disappear from my blog but so did many of my own posts! HTML functions were not working on my blog either. I worked to fix this but before I had a chance, this buyer sent me a message (which I did not get right away) and instead of waiting for my response and asking questions about what happened, they just went ahead and posted a negative review about me. I did have an excellent experience with a buyer who gave me 100% rating but generally There is no proper communication and I have people just assume things are not right and before sorting it out, they give a negative rating. I managed to fix my blog and could have reposted that persons guest post but decided to completely delete after that and delete the tweets I made about it. The way I see it, why should I have put it back when they assumed something that was not true. I see no point in continuing on with this site as now my reputation is gone down the drain and there is no way to even contact anyone about it because I tried and got no response.


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I’m so sorry to hear about the bad time you’ve had on Fiverr. :confused: There are definitely some buyers that we wish we could just not service. However, we cannot. If you feel the reviews left were unfair, you can ask the customer to contact customer service and they will remove it.

For the future, it might be wise to suspend your gig if you know you are going to be unavailable over a certain time frame.

Once you get the negative feedback cleared up, you’ll be just fine.


I am with this mature explanation.

We just have to be attentive as we are gettin our orders.

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With the 1st buyer you learned a valuable lesson. Never ever let a gig run late. Once the timer is out and an additional 24 hours have passed, the buyer then has the option to cancel. The Fiverr system does not tell the buyer what is about to happen to the seller. The buyer thinks it’s a normal cancellation like you agreed to. However, the system takes over at this point and negative feedback is automatic. You read that right. The buyer has nothing to do with the feedback. If for some reason you cannot cancel, let customer support know and they will cancel for you. Or, agree with the buyer to deliver an IOU, with the promise of completion in the future. Don’t deliver an empty gig, deliver something.

In the 2nd scenario what happened to you was unfortunate. I think you should contact the buyer, explain exactly what happened and offer to make it right. Think of it this way, the buyer went to your blog and saw no evidence of any work being done. The buyer is only able to leave feedback AFTER you deliver the gig. So from their perspective, you delivered nothing at all. They got nothing for their money.

Were they a little hasty in not waiting for your reply? Yes. Should you try to make things right? Yes. Should you not repost? No. This will only confirm (to the buyer) that no work was ever done. Even though it originally was. There will be no proof. After reposting, you should then ask if they would be kind enough to remove/change the review. Throw in a freebie. You may win them over. Do nothing and you’ve lost a customer and potentially many others.

They did not assume anything. The posts weren’t there. It was not through any fault of your own but the buyer is the innocent party here. Try your best to make things better. Your integrity counts! :slight_smile:



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