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Thinking about starting a blog


…titled “Good Design & The Hateful Things People Say About It”. I can post a couple times per week, just from the messages I receive on Fiverr. Maybe I can sell ad space and make back some of the money lost to pointless refunds.

Anyone else want to contribute? :confused:


I’ve been thinking of something like that since a long time.


I could write a novel called "Here’s Exactly the Design You asked For. Now Tell Me How You Hate it, Namely because of the Very Things You Requested…"

but yours sounds better :slight_smile:


Reply to @candice23: Yes, exactly! It’s usually when I give them the specific things they ask for that they hate the result the most.


And the sequel: "You Provided Almost No Instructions Even When Asked, And Now You Want Me To Start From Scratch"

And the sequel to that: “If You Wanted A Specific Style You Needed To Not Tell Me I Had Free Reign”


Reply to @luckygutsy: And since I’m a big sci-fi geek, my favorite response is always “Dammit, Jim. I’m a designer, not a mind-reader!”