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Thinking about your Fiverr Gig Gallery?

People are coming to fiverr and becoming fiverrs, many of them are confused about their gig gallery images, as I was someday, and I have spent pretty big amount of hours to find- how to make gig gallery image, and now I think this is the time to share with others how to do this (with a basic gig obviously)

So … if you want to make an image for your gig gallery, tell me what is your gig about, and I’ll get it done as perfect as possible, you can provide-


If you can’t provide the things above, don’t worry, I can handle it, your image will be done with-

matching colors with your gig or the colors you want
matching icons with your gig
matching shapes with your gig
matching fonts with your gig or the fonts you want

All you need to do is to tell me about your gig, what is it about, what services you will give through this gig etc.

So … let’s do it.