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🤔 New Review Sorting Feature


Whereas gig pages used to order reviews by Most Recent automatically (with dropdown options for the buyer to view just Positive Reviews or just Negative Reviews), gig pages now default to Auto mode, putting your longest reviews first.

Your thoughts (poll is multiple choice)? :thinking:

  • I don’t get long reviews often, so it looks like I haven’t been reviewed in a while
  • This mode shows more negative reviews since bad reviews tend to be longer
  • This mode does not give a fair representation of the experiences of my most recent buyers
  • This mode hides a lot of positive reviews because of the short defaults (“Outstanding Experience!”)
  • I’ll voice my opinion below…

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It doesn’t really bother me either way. That wasn’t an option on the poll, so I just chose the last option. The poll options are all for people who don’t like the feature.


I voted already, but one thing I dislike about it is that my repeat/regular buyers have had a tendency to be either wordy or not. For me I could see that causing some regular buyers to appear at the top while one-off or less verbose buyers will drop down. To someone who might see a series of reviews from the same buyer might not realize it’s just because of word count, leading them to think I’ve purchased or arranged for those reviews. I would much rather see it defaulted to most recent. As a buyer myself, dropdowns for positive, negative and sorted by stars would all be useful to me.


I do not see that. I still see most recent, positive and negative.


Maybe people who see average pricing see the new review order. I still see averages too.


Maybe the new review tab is part of the other test. I wonder how they divide us up into groups like this, if it’s on different servers, or what. I assume there is a group who sees the new changes, and a group which does not. I’ve asked some others what they see, old buyers of mine, and they see what I see, without any changes.

I will start questioning new buyers to see if they see the changes.


Is your buyer requests changed to send quote? Mine is not - it has always said buyer requests on all browsers. All of the changes seem to be split and sometimes for a long time. The change on review sorting comes and goes for me.


I have yet to run into most of the befuddling modifications. Either this is the work of my lucky rabbit’s foot (which… is actually the severed foot of a hostage cabbage patch kid… Because when you’re eight - your play is your play area…and enemy infiltrators should be taught a swift lesson about war time economics) or I’m just not snazzy enough to be guinea pigged.

Would you assume that only high profile sellers see these manipulations first?


Mine changed from “Buyers Requests” to “Send Quotes” and shifted back to BR, after a week or so. Plain weird!


Mine too. (20 characters)


Mine says Buyers Requests. I wouldn’t know about the changes if I didn’t come here.

For people who see the new Average Price feature do you see it all the time or just sometimes?


I personally like this update because most of the time my client leave big reviews and so far I have no negative feedback so I personally like this feature !


I get long reviews quite often, so I guess it´s okay for me, but I find it more logical to have ‘Most recent’ as the default.

The one and only time I saw my average price was on a screenshot a CS rep sent me in reply to a ticket of mine :wink: I never saw that feature yet, but I had the change from BR > Send Offer > BR, so it seems pretty random who gets what updates.
I had a new phone update a couple days ago too which I did not read about in the forum first surprisingly, but I might have just missed threads about it. Usually I know about changes from the forum first, too.


this is not about longest reviews. There is another reason for this. Buyers are coming to the site and all they are seeing is outstanding experience, or one of the other generated feedback messages and think the feedback is fake. I’ve had conversations with buyers (especially new buyers) where they thought people were buying feedback and all the feedback on the site was not real as it all looks the same. This is not isolated. There are a lot of buyers who think this. I raised this a while back and a few days later this auto feedback started appearing, which I think is a good idea and lends credibility to the feedback.


Well, it is about longest reviews then, because those are not the default ‘fake looking same’ reviews :wink: but I get what you´re saying of course, and the reasoning is obvious, at least I think so.
I think it´s more representative and logical to have the most recent reviews displayed still, as it best reflects the ‘current state of affairs’ so to speak, and buyers can scroll, if they want to see more, which, seeing how many buyers come here to complain about sellers, would probably be a good idea anyway, in addition to other ‘vetting activities’ but all types of sorting have their advantages and disadvantages, I guess. I’m fine with either in this case anyway, and if it helps buyers it´s a good thing for sure.


SWAT Teddy Ruxpin is coming for you…


Sooo if someone really wants to mess up our sales all they have to do is write a very long negative review. :roll_eyes:
And yet another way our sales can tank. Is there no end?

  1. the new algorithm

  2. average price on our gigs

  3. longest review shows first


Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! :wink:


There wasn’t any option for people who don’t mind it lol. I haven’t had any negative experiences with it - it’s been kind of nice for me because I do receive a lot of nice reviews which I’m grateful for and it highlights a lot of my offerings and communication skills.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I have no issues with the review system at all.