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Thinking of a new thread


I see many people asking same questions everyday.

How about we create 1 thread with all very frequently asked questions.

So I request you all to post the frequent questions you have encountered.

The thread will contain legit information from ToS, fiverr team, fiverr staff, sheriff etc.

I want your ideas if there should a thread like this or not.

Title can be : Very frequently asked questions

What say?


It makes sense, but if we can’t keep it bumped up, it’ll eventually get lost. I honestly don’t go past the 1st page of threads. Newbies just want answers whether its specific or not. If they’re newbies, most likely they’ll bypass other threads to start a new one. Also, the thread will eventually get filled up, to the point where no one will read every comment. Imagine a thread with over 100 comments. That’s just my thoughts on it. :slight_smile:


You are right but I already thought about that and that is the reason I created this thread.

We’ll discuss the content in this thread and the final thread will have the finalized questions and answers. And… if the thread is on the top, the newbies will keep bumping it (I take responsibility for that)


Okay. Hope it works for you.


No no, it’s not my thread. It’s going to be a community collaboration.


Reply to @princemaxx: Oh okay. Lol. That would be helpful then.