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Thinking of deleting my account and creating new, kindly spare a few minutes and share your opinions, thanks a ton

Hey, I’m Rohith . I created my account back in 2016 and got a few orders, then discontinued providing services. Now I am back with better and more services ( and planning to add more gigs) and I want to choose freelancing as a full time career.
But the problem is that I have kept my account on vacation mode for too long and haven’t responded to buyers while I was not using fiverr and paused many gigs. I think this is effecting my current gigs.

What do you think, should I delete this account and create a new one, or continue on this account.

Thanks <3


Times are harder than ever for new accounts. If you start over, you will loose the reviews you have and have more competition.

Try revitalizing this account first.

If you have a day-job, don’t quit.


I too returned to Fiverr after four years. And I think it’s easier to revive the old account than to create a new one. Just do what you would do with a new account. It will work out much better in the end.

Hope that helps!



In addition to what has been advised suggest you mention in your profile description that you have been away and are now back.


Thank you, I just had a doubt on what to do. Thanks for clearing it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It means a lot <3

thats one great piece of advice

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