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Thinking to delete my gig

Hey everybody,
I feel like that I should remove my logo design gig because its impossible to get an order!
I tried everything when it comes to a logo design gig but I think it’s not possible!
Maybe replace it with something with requires less competition!

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How about replace it with something you are skilled at? Forget competition, it’s all about your talent.


I first tried in logo making but when I saw more than 200 sent requests on buyer proposals I quit logo designing at the same moment and started selling other services

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I started my logo design gig about 3 weeks ago. Yes it’s hard with the competition, but after sending about 50 buyer requests, I got a sale and was tipped 300%. Two weeks later I just got my 5th sale in logo design. I visited your gig and can see that you’re talented, you just need to keep sending buyer requests until you get you first 5 stars. More will follow from there. It is possible.

Try to use unique keywords and low compatative keywords. That will help you. (Personal opinion)

You can be the best needle that has ever been made. But if you’re in a haystack you’re still impossible to find regardless of how great you are.

Talent does not overcome the impact of supply and demand.


You can do it But I think only your willpower and hard work can bring success one day. Everyday improve your skill and go ahead with success. :blush:

:heartpulse: Good Luck For You. All the best :heartpulse:

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Sorry buddy about that. Try use the buyer request.

A gospel singer will definitely have less competition than a logo designer but if they don’t have the voice to reach the heavens above, they should stick to what God blessed them with.

Sure there isn’t a huge demand for gospel singers but creating a gig based on your talent should be a top priority.

(Am I misunderstanding your comment?)

I recently saw a logo designer who has only been here a year was made a top rated seller. He’s more talented apparently than most others who have been here that long. Nothing else would explain his meteoric rise so quickly, in a field so over supplied.

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No I’m not saying people shouldn’t do what they’re great at or that they should do what they aren’t good at because the competition is low.

I’m saying it’s naive and unjustified and unlikely to assume you can sell with sheer exceptional talent alone. It simply isn’t enough and it’s important sellers understand their market if they actually want to make sales. If you are trying to sell something that has 60,000 competitors selling the same thing, you likely won’t sell even if you’re the best out of all of them. Sure, some people will succeed, but largely though luck.

If you create something with low competition and high demand instead (assuming you’re exceptionally proficient), then you don’t have to rely on luck as much to get sales.

A needle in a haystack is barely visible regardless of how great a needle it is.

I’ve got to say I was looking at newer top rated logo designers and could see why they were made top rated quickly. Fiverr does an amazing job of taking a look at new sellers and spotting the great ones. They do stand out when you look at thousands of them a day.

Yes, but that is new sellers. What happens when they’re no longer new?

Also, there are probably thousands of new sellers at any given time. Fiverr can’t give them all a time to shine. Ranking well for something super competitive is still largely a game of chance.