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Thinking to do comeback


So I was doing just fine on fiverr before getting busy with academics. I removed my serious gigs as I was a little busy with exams and now I’m thinking to do comeback with my old translation and proofreading niche for Hindi and Gujarati language but I’m getting second thoughts.

I’m going to learn 3d modeling for mechanical parts which seems much profitable and popular niche on fiverr. But my question is should I continue with my old niche or wait until I learn mechanical modeling properly? Should I make my current gigs better until I get new skills?

Please spread some light on me.


Admit it - you want to come back because of me :smiley:

Joke aside, I thought 3D modeling wasn’t a profitable/popular niche on Fiverr. I learned and love 3D modeling like a mad man, but when I was ready to spread my skill I was overwhelmed by the amount of 3D gigs, many of which were simply copying/stealing models from other sites, and never seeing a 3D gig go beyond 1K reviews, hence low sales throughout that niche. Maybe you know something I don’t? :smiley:

Anyhow, if you afford taking the time to learn mechanical modeling properly, then you should focus just on doing that since switching back and forth between your old niche and your new future niche can easily put you off from learning (when I start learning something, and then I find myself constantly switching back and forth between work and learning, I end up quitting the learning process due to lack of focus and time, and then I regret it)

But if you can’t afford taking time off for learning and you feel confident about your powers, then by all means do both :smiley: I may be getting older and can’t do multitasking like I used to :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the long read - I just love words, and they love me :smiley:


Thanks for your advice woofy. I’m confident enough that I can do multitasking because I think if I start my gigs again then it’ll take some patience to get back some orders to make me busy and meanwhile I’ll keep learning stuff.


I’m guessing in the meantime stick to your old niche and when your fully confident with your new niche start from there.

But as @Woofy31 mentioned, make sure it’s a profitable niche on Fiverr.