Thinking to Leave fiverr!


Thinking to Leave fiverr! because sometimes they block gigs without no reasons!
When we try to contact CS then they just said they can not do any thing
i just edited my gig and changed the picture with my original they denied that gig -_-

Leaving FIVERR because they have bugs since 2 years -_-

That’s not a big problem, you think you have problems? This is easy, make another gig. I will trade my problem for yours any day you like.


What gig was it, and what picture?

Also, if you’re leaving, bye and good luck I guess?


Why leave? This is :cake: stuff to compared to other stuff to quit over.
I think most of us at some point had a gig denied. Just keep it movin’!
Giving up is too easy, come on you’re better than that.


no i work hard on that gig 1 year ago i created a gig for illustration services. and when i stable to get daily orders and then i try to add my original work on gig images then they denied that gig!
it damage my hardwork sleepless nights
i’m switching to other website instead of fiverr! :slight_smile: because when we try to contact support team they just ignore or try to say that they cannot do anything etc if you contact again and again you will get your account disabled! etc


I agree but i lose faith in support team they can just put any seller profile it to the block list like the tissue paper in to a dustbin


Iwas on adobe illustrator title and the image related to illustration work!


breatheFirst of all… Inhale/exhale.
Before you make a rash decision think things over first and create a gig that complies with ToS.

So, they denied the gig because you didn’t have original work at first?


I have but then i try to add my work like the projects i have created for my clients. then i tried to add that in my gig images


How many reviews did you accumulate on that gig? Can’t you just start from fresh using YOUR original work? I don’t blame you for setting up other side hustles tho, multiple streams of moola are always better than one. Just have Fiverr as 1% or something!


Trying to understand. Are you saying they denied the gig and are asking to have you edit it to bring it back? Or they completely wiped it out and it will never re-open?


but when i get my gig denied i try to ask them for 1 more chance but nothing works


100+ reviews :frowning:


Aw, I understand your frustration.

But they NEVER like ever reactivate a denied gig. Once it’s done it’s done, unless people were lucky enough to get the decision overruled.


They didn’t tell you why a gig was blocked? I’m surprised.

Fiverr has a long Terms Of Service list, you should read it to make sure none of your gigs violate that.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between a gig being legal or illegal.

Personally, I’ve had very few gigs blocked. Only my paid review and craigslist gigs got blocked.


Yes i got same reply from CS team!


Right, so then you’ll have no other choice but to create a new gig. :grimacing:


Well now i’m trying to make plans! for others website i will focus on them instead of fiverr i will work on fiverr but not as a full time it will be a part time! :slight_smile:
Because it hurts when i got daily projects i stable my gig for daily orders after 8 months of the creation of that gig i worked hard day night with 2 to 3 hours sleep only that’s why it’s hurts me :frowning:


Yup i have created it but :smiley: it will take a time to get on that stage for daily orders


Try working seven days a week for five years…