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Thinking to Leave fiverr!


You’re a smart & resourceful man. Pun intended. :wink:

When life gives you lemons whaddya do? Make :lemon: lemonade. :slightly_smiling_face:


No they said i did not edit the gig according to their requirements :slight_smile: well it was published gig i just try to change image and add portfolio links . yeah i got first rejection because i had issues in image i fix them then the rejected it again for portfolio links that i have added them i fix it and added flickr links in the portfolio as it’s allowed by Fiverr. then the rejected it again and put the gig in the denied gig section!


Sure! :slight_smile:


Haha That’s nice :+1::+1: :wink:


That’s what I’ve done, and let me tell you it isn’t easy.


Don’t worry friend… Keep it up…!!!


That might be your answer. Portfolio links are always a problem. If you’re going to add any link at all, ask CS for permission first, even if it’s on the allowed list, and add it to the gig only after/if you get the permission. Also, save the screenshot of the permission as a proof, just in case.


Well this is not fine if seller fail to edit gig for 3 times and then gig will be denied
They need to make there platform better and easy for seller use!

And this is not fair if links are allowed in the articles and we still need there permission wao


The surprising thing is they accepted and published new gig with same images and links!


I just had one of my gigs denied without a proper reason. When contacted CS they said it was violating TOS. Telling it violated TOS is not a specific answer. Without specifically knowing what mistake I did to get that GIG denied and get a warning of account suspension, how can I prevent the same mistake from happening. Suppose I create new gig and do all the markting after while it gets denied saying it was violating TOS and get my account cancelled, do you think it is fair. Fiverr is extremely competitive, loosing gig with good ratings is end of the story for most of us.


Well said MissCrystal


Hi, @shifan!

Before you create a new gig and putting in the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Your best bet is to run it by CS first to get their approval. If they say yes, great! Save a screenie for proof should an issue arise later down the road. A denied gig is tough, I totally understand, however, Fiverr is cracking down on so many gigs as they are not in their “editorial focus”.


Ok, so if you want to leave, then leave. Right? Why post here? No one is making you stay.

We all face certain issues here on Fiverr, but the sellers that make it work (like myself) stick it out, make changes as needed, and stay the course.

If you don’t want to do that, then that’s up to you. If it’s a CS issue, then take it up with them.

Just my two cents.


so it’s time to play game with fiverr?


Same happened with me they warn me if i ask them again they will suspend my account :confused:


“Playing games with Fiverr” is a terrible idea. You’re here to be a freelance business professional. Fiverr is not the place to “play games” in an attempt to become successful.


so it’s time to play game with fiverr?


If you play games with Fiverr, you’ll lose that game every time. Be/act like a professional.


I contacted the CS again and asked to be more specific, they said something that is not even remotely connected, they said that Smashwords had complained them about the gig so denied it without even letting me know the actual reason. Do you think people like that will be willing to help even if they approve a gig as you asked? That’s the problem.


Fiverr does not ever give you completed details and they have no obligation to do so. They protect themselves as they see fit. You had a lot of ebook conversion gigs includes one that promised a " Smashwords premium catalog guarantee" and it’s possible that Smashwords doesn’t want that guaranteed by a third party. Whatever the case, it’s up to you to find a way to work within the limits and when you do any gig that is associated with another outside company, it’s tougher.


I guess you’re right. But the denied gig doesn’t say anything like that. I checked other sellers who offer similar services also provide the same guarantee.

Anyway thank you all for the valuable feedback and support, it meant a lot to me :slight_smile:. I was little frustrated at the time just wanted to get the anger out and rant little bit :wink: