Thinking to quit my job and make it full time Suggestion needed!


Hello friends,
I am Amit Singh(Ace Cool) from india i am offering Photorealistic rendering and cad work as well as cad animation.

I am earning decently from last few month means i can say average of $600-700 and in last month it was $1000+ tough i am unable to work in the end of the day because of tiredness.

I am also doing a full time job here in india as machine design engineer where i also use my main cad software solidworks in this job i am getting $300 in this for one month of working 8+ hours per day(11+ Hours including travelling time from office to home) so my question is that should i quit from this job and give my full time to fiverr where i can easily earn $1500-$2000 per month?
i also want to ask how stable fiverr is because so far i found it pretty stable yeah i accept some ranking loss and up down are there but at least it manages to keep me loaded with at least 5 sale in ques for me.

Some of you guys may also faced this situation at some time so please suggest me what would be the best for me.



I would go for it. You can also look into selling on other freelance websites (which I cannot name here) to supplement the Fiverr $$$ you make. You can do a lot with the extra 11 hours in the day!


thanks a lot i decided to go with it let’s live the fiverr life :slight_smile:


Congratulations bro. Good to see a brother from India doing well on Fiverr.

Hope I can reach your level and get to face the same question :slight_smile:

If you want me to proofread your gig description just let me know. No fees :slight_smile:


good luck mate sorry i have’t check this post from long time thank you for your offer I’d love if you check my gig once :slight_smile:


Hey! How was your experience of quiting your job? I am right now, in the same position as you was!! I make monthly in my day job almost $500 usd. I live in Colombia, South America, and work as a designer. But righ now, I am doing almost 800 or 900 a month working just half or less hours I work in my dayjob. I am a little bit scared because my actual job is a stable entrance of money (which is why I still not quit). I am young, I have no kids. Can you give me an advice from you and your experience, I am so tired of my job! :-(, been here for a long time and now, I want to make my personal projects. Thank you!


Hi Nad,

Sorry i took so long time to response I’m doing great and i hope you would have decided what to do at that time let me know about your experince as well?


Hey Ace! Hope you’re doing well. i have been thinking the same thing for past few weeks. I Offer video solutions and making average of $600 A month which is Thrice the amount i make from my FullTime job which only gives me about $200. I work 10 Hours a day (11 If you include traveling) on my day job and only give 4 Hours to Fiverr in the night.

What would you advice? i am pretty sure i can make alot more if i give Fiverr Full-Time. But there are factors i keep in mind. Having a stable Definite amount monthly doesnt sound bad but it is not enough. Fiverr is paying off now but it is a really competitive market what ever it is that you’re offering is something that alot of people are offering. So there is a chance that thay get ahead of you.

What do you think i should do?



What do you need on average per month to sustain your household and other expenses?

500$ sounds like a dream to me that would not even cover my groceries… (Thinking about moving elsewhere) :joy:


It is all about management Wesley. When i came to Fiverr my monthly Income was below $150 now its about $800 (Fiverr + my daily job)

Moving isnt bad. As long as you have a someone to back you up


Hey Umer,

I’m doing good thank you.

See basically we’re from almost similar countries and economy so i would advise you to give up your job once you reach a significant amount of stability in your freelance work.

For that, you’ll have to set scale like once i will earn $1K in consecutive three months i’ll quit my job.

I understand having a stable salary is much better than fluctuating freelancing income but see for that you’ll have to look at freelancing as a business, not as a job.

Whenever you’re going to step in a business you’ll have to manage your expenses and investment in a very precise manner and you can not guarantee whether a business is going to be success full or not.


Haha :smiley: yeah you should move in some asian conutires like india here a graduate engineer earn $500 per month and belive me that’s enough for lving a avrage life.


I also had good sales back two, three years ago. So I quit my normal job. But later people started to copy my gigs and the services. I say try to do both if you can. You can save the extra money to start you own off line business.


If you are thinking of quiting your job then you must not have to depend totally on Fiverr and make this as the main source of earning. There are many such website and you have to work and try to earn from many of them.

So it’s on you to take the risk , if you think you can do well as you are doing at fiverr to serve buyers by your own then who don’t like to work independent…Be your own boss!


Exactly - don’t depend 100% on anything. Diversify. My way of diversification is different - investing money wisely and developing a decent interest income+dividend income that can replace the main income. For others, it could be a rental income. For younger people just starting out, working on different platforms, having an offline job or developing passive sources of income such as websites. blogs or eBooks, or having a business is the key. Anyway, good to see some smart young Indians like you and @acethecool1 doing well here.


I hope you already quit your job.


sorry to hear about you hope you’re doing good now.


definitely, agree with you, I’m working on getting work from different sources, however, to be very honest i don’t really like other platforms too much :slight_smile:


good to see another top rated seller from india.

thank you for your words :slight_smile: