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Third Party Extensions For Browser

Hello everyone,

I saw some people talking about how using a third party extension, such as auto-refresher, can get you tos violation warnings. Is it not allowed to use such extensions? Is there anything about this on TOS or is there anyone who actually got a warning because of that?

Many people, including buyers, use ad-block extension as well. Is that also against the rules? Can buyers also get banned?

I don’t use any extensions myself, but as a computer science student, I just don’t understand if fiverr algorithm can track someone who uses an extensions which refreshes the page. It does the same job of pressing the f5 button, which shouldn’t leave any trace if you think logically.

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Check this out: Today first time i got tos violation warning

I asked him if it was confirmed in fiverr email that violation was because of using of extension. I’ll write here if he confirms

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Just a thought, maybe Fiverr tracks the regularity of the refresh - tracking that it happens every 300 seconds for example? I really don’t know, but that would make sense to me.


There are people who refreshes their page manually to stay active for some time. Wouldn’t such a thing also put that people in danger of getting banned?

A person refreshing it manually probably wouldn’t be as consistent or as often. eg. an auto refresher might be consistently refreshing it every 5 mins down to a tenth of a second, doing it 24 hours a day (288 times a day). Any human refreshing it like that would also probably get flagged but they are very unlikely to. A human wouldn’t likely be refreshing the page 24 hours a day either because they need sleep etc. So that’s one way Fiverr’s algorithms could tell the difference between the human and the browser extension.

I use various extensions, including ad blockers, with no problem. It’s the load that huge numbers of people using the auto refresh extension puts on the server that’s the issue, I think.

It’s a waste of time anyway …

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