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Third Party Storage Provider Files Expiring Time

Hello, i want to know about something. I have a client and i have her files for like 6-7GB in size. Its been 2-3months she haven’t given me any order nor messaged me. Now, i want to clear the data in my drive. I deleted her files and thought she might have downloaded them. After deleting… she messaged me directly that she needs her files again… is this included in my job to maintain her data? it is her responsibility to download the files and keep them in her storage devices. Any suggestions? What should i do? Also, she is kind of behaving rude to me. “I paid for them” “You deleted my files”


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Firstly, did you have an actual order with this user? If not, they are not actually your client and you have no obligation.

Second, if it wasn’t in the contract of your gig or order (if one was placed) that you would host the files, again you have no obligation. If you did agree, but didn’t place a time limit on it, then you might have a problem.

I can’t advise further without knowing more details.



I do file deliveries by Google Drive, and I always indicate that the link will be valid for 10 days, and that the customer must download their files within this limit. After 10 days, I delete my Google Drive link, but there are always cases where the customer contacts me “I forgot to download” … I then take these files out of the trash and give them the link again valid for 10 days …

Yes, 2-3 orders. Usually her delivery files range from 30-200 images + source files. So def i need to use third party storage. Secondly. I worked as a designer. I never mentioned that i will host files (not even in my gig). But the problem is its been 2-3 months and i haven’t heard from her. So i thought she might have downloaded all the files. This is what a normal person should do.

That is the problem. I never mentioned that files will be expired after 10-15days. But its been 2-3 months. What she expects? That I’m hosting her files? I do have her files right now and i have sent her again… but she insists that she needs those files again in Google Drive. Also, i contacted CS and they are not replying to the specific “Expiring of Data” They are just saying “Using Google Drive and WeTransfer” is prohibited wrt to their TOS.

Did they actually send this?

Because I use google drive all the time when order is over 1 GB.


Also, one of their CS rep said to me its totally fine to use Drive and he recommended it to me. That is why “Juan” is apologizing.

Interesting. It’s nice to have a definitive answer on that one.

As for your dilemma, to verify: you did NOT agree to host the images in your contract, correct? If so, tell your client that.

Thank you for you continued interest in my service, but hosting was not a part of the agreed order. I will make the files available again for you to access and download again, for XX days. After that time, they will again be removed.

But what they are saying is not true. You do not have to share your email address for Drive or wetransfer or transfernow.

Client gets link to download file. No email is necessary anywhere.


Exactly, but we have to check “Files available to every one with the link” to share without asking the e.mail adress

Don’t have any answer to that. Can’t argue with them. They must know this option is available too.