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Third party TOS violation - Lead Generation

Fiverr denied my top rated gig with the reason of Third party TOS violation. I contact with support and they replied, my gig was denied due to I mention Lead generation in my gig’s description and its violate with LinkedIn’s Terms of Service. I searched and found there are lots of lead generation gigs. So why me???

Fiverr has the right to set the rules on this website, and those to break them are eventually removed. Just because your gig was removed, does not mean Fiverr is targeting only you – it just means that Fiverr hasn’t removed the other gigs yet.

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I don’t see anywhere on the Linkedin’s terms of service that disallows the use of the term “lead generation”. I don’t think the term is trademarked is it?

If you type “lead generation gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.