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Third Party TOS Violation - Why?

“To protect the integrity of our marketplace, you may not offer or accept services that infringe upon a third party’s intellectual property rights and/or their terms of service”

Hello I joined Fiverr some days ago and got that warning after a user asked me to sign up to a site to be able to listen to a podcast and translate it. The user was new and wasn’t clear at all with instructions so I simply said to him I will pass after asking him 3 times to send me the link to the podcast or the name of the podcast.

After that I blocked the user which kept sending weird messages and got that warning. So how exactly did I break the rules?

Not a very nice first impression of the platform getting a warning for no reason, all I did was say no to a job with unclear instructions and a user sending strange messages.

Another user asked me for a quote so what is the issue there? There is a custom service option available in the chat.

If you use bots to check this things please review them cause I’ve never experienced this in Upwork or other sites.


Hello, I can’t see the reason for that unless it is infringing on the copyrights or terms of service to translate ebooks, blogs, podcasts, etc. I don’t know the rules for that. That would apply to your gig, not the job offer you are talking about.

Have you asked for a clarification of it?

Did you have another gig besides the one you have now?

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Hello, sorry for late reply and thanks for your message. I didn’t ask for a clarification, I didn’t even find the way to contact Fiverr. I had another gig which was completed without any issue. I think they must use some kind of automatic crappy bot that instead of warning the abusive user warned me.

There’s no rule against translating as such. Publishing the translation without purchasing the proper rights (or obtaining the permission) would be an infringement, but it’s the publisher’s job to take care of it, not the translator’s.

It’s a bit of a journey. Click your profile image in the top bar on the main site, click “Help & Support” (or click that same link in the footer), click “Seller Help Center”, scroll down and click “Contact us” (unless you can find the answer to your question in the Help Center FAQ/articles, which probably is the reason to “hide” the contact button, to not get questions all the time that are easily answered by checking the Buyer/Seller Help Center).

Once you found the help page where you can send a ticket, make a bookmark :wink:


Thanks miiila, a journey indeed :wink: I will ask them and see what they say, thank you all