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Third Party TOS

Now, I’ve wondered about this for a while now and after seeing a topic the other day on the forums similar to this, I have to ask.

Fiverr TOS says it doesn’t allow violations of Third Party TOS. I think the post that sparked my curiosity was about buying likes, which violates social media TOS. This was not my gig, and I have never done any such thing, but I just wondered: How is Facebook a third party of Fiverr? Third party implies that they are related and work together, or do they and I just don’t know about it?


In your example third party means that Facebook is the third party and does not allow likes to be bought.

If such a gig is created on Fiverr it is facilitating the breaking of Facebook’s rules.

Fake engagement and traffic

Do not post, offer or ask for:

  • Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.
  • Fake engagement on any platform.

The above is from the:


Third party just means neither you nor Fiverr but whatever other entity, doesn’t have to be related or work together with Fiverr, or you.


Doesn’t it? I’m sure that a third party to a business entity is in some way affiliated with them.

I know that- but how are Fiverr and FaceBook affiliated?

I don’ know whether it is or not, but Fiverr allows you to sign in through Facebook. So maybe it’s using some Facebook API or something (as well as Google stuff for logging in through that & stats etc.).

If you link, connect, or login to your Fiverr Account with a third-party service (e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn), we receive certain information, such as your registration and profile information from that service.

The web definition of third party says:

a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute

Miiila is correct. It means any other business besides fiverr or the seller.

(They aren’t affiliated obviously.)

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Oh, I never knew that. Thanks guys.

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Just in case: 3rd party can include completely unaffiliated entities. If, for example, you witnessed someone slip and fall in an unmarked puddle in a store, or on a step in a dimly lit theater, there’s the primary party of the store/theater, the party of the ‘victim’, and you: involved only because you saw it happen. You otherwise have no affiliation with either, but you are now a 3rd party witness.