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Third Time Ordering Card


I just ordered my third debit card from Payoneer because the first two never arrived.

I joined this site in November, ordered one after my first order in December, and never received it. So I went on their site and talked to customer support and ordered another one (some of you answered my question on here about that - I had trouble with the site at the time) and got an estimated arrival time. Those dates came and went without any mail from them, so I once again contacted the company.

Now I have a new estimated arrival time for this card. I double checked my mailing address with them to be sure there were no mistakes, got a hold of the people living where I lived previously to be sure it hadn’t gone there for some reason, and even opened a case with USPS for undelivered mail (they have not replied to me about it yet, I am following up with them tomorrow if I don’t get any word today)!

I’m receiving all of my other mail with no problem, has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have any suggestions? I’m trying to stay positive, but at this point I’m pretty wary…