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Thirty four days no order

Before thirty four days i got my first order but after it no get any order yet.


I wait more than 4 month but not Still not get any order. buyer just come and go.

What has worked for me was improving my gigs and provide with videos/images, and then promote them and send offers in buyer requests. :slightly_smiling_face:


your last delivery was 8 days ago :kissing:

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change the tittle and tags of your gigs

Yep, it’s a constant “tweak and test” effort required.

Test your headlines, tags, images, pricing, everything.

Make a change, wait a few days, and try something else.

But only make one change at a time… if you change everything all at once, you won’t know what caused the benefit.

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before 8 day it was 4 month I only complete 2 order and 1 extra revision
but I don’t mind I keep working on


Today is my 2ed day on Fiverr and I got two orders :smiley: