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This account is no longer active


Hey Fiverr, What is happening with me. My fiverr account automatically disappears. Showing message is “This account is no longer active”

Please let me know how to I can recover my account. I have up to $200 in my account.
Please help


I can see your gigs OK.


No this is my bro’s account mine is showing “This account is no longer active” Please let me know if you can, pls pls


Contact Customer support…




Uh oh, looks like the account is no longer active.


Fiverr would have sent you a message to let you know what you did. Most likely you violated the Terms of Service. Were you and your brother using your accounts on the same computer? If so, did you ask Fiverr for permission first?


Thank you all of you for your kind support. Actually me, my bro and sister, we all are the designer and it is possible for me to log in our account on single PC. I really hearted with this policy. Fiverr didn’t inform me before taking any decision. As I feel Fiverr wanted some extra money by closing some accounts. I lost up to $200 I know Fiverr earned too much by doing this. It is too much painful:frowning2:

Now happy with the policy.