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'This account no longer available' notification

Anyone getting ‘This account no longer available’ notification on the top of Fiverr webpage?

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It is a bug :bug: that has been ongoing for a few days now. Ignore it. :wink:


The last night I have also seen and I was afraid that if got banned or something, but after i refresh my profile tab it was absolutely fine.

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Oh! I thought it’s a ban message

Well, if you were banned, you couldn’t login or use the website in any way.

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Nope, just a :beetle:, :bug:, :ant:

Thank you all! I just contacted CS to get more clarification.

Replay from CS team :point_down:

CS team replay


It’s a bug. Don’t worry


Dont concern to such a little problem so much. It isnt ban message.
At night and in the morning, I have also seen the notification like that. Because, I had searched my profile and my gigs on fiverr. You should try to refresh your profile
yesterday, I searched my profile and

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