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This additional flaw will be devastating for a bunch of you


Fiverr is for me just an extra, as I’m self employed and run my own business. So it’s obvious that there are on some occasions one or two month between orders. I receive a healthy amount of requests, but I decide just in 2 out of 10 cases to work with/for the potential client. I forward the rest to other sellers.

But ok, let met come to the point:

One of the requirements in order to keep your level status is that you maintain a 4.8 star rating, over the course of 60 days. Yes, I know that there have been plenty of discussions around this and on it’s own it has been discussed to death.

The thing, that I didn’t see mentioned is the fact that if you have a 5 star rating and you don’t have any sales during the last 60 days, you can kiss your level good bye as well. This will mean a demotion for a lot of sellers here. Especially those who are begging for sales all of the time.

In my opinion there is no logic to that, because the mere fact that one hasn’t make a sale during that time period doesn’t mean that ones 5 star ratings are less valuable. I don’t say this because of the fact that it will strike me as well, I don’t care that much and when something happens I always have a plan B.
However, this is a really dumb way to handle it, because in my view “maintaining a 4.8 start rating” means in other words “don’t get too many negative reviews, buddy!” and not “make more sales or your 5 stars are worth horseshit”.

While I was always an opponent of asking buyers for reviews, I now can see why people are doing this. Because even if you make a lot of sales and have a lot of happy customers, if they don’t give you a review your level is toast.

Have a good one guys!


I didn’t know this. Thanks for the information.

It makes sense if you think about it: Ratings of 0.0 (i.e. no orders, and less than 4.8) would result in a demotion. It’s therefore not enough to have a 5 - star rating in general… you also need to have at least one 5 - star rating within 60 days to retain your level. That’s… interesting.

This is my exact position, so I am not necessarily bothered when I don’t receive orders on Fiverr for days or weeks at a time (I also have clients outside of Fiverr). There are people who rely on Fiverr as their sole source of income, however, and I empathize with them and how these new changes will affect their ability to earn.


Hm, I now can see that buyers who don´t have the time to leave reviews, may have a more difficult time finding sellers who have time to work with them soon.

If this really is how it will go down, that´s indeed a flaw from my POV too. Though, perhaps… De soep wordt nooit zo heet gegeten als ze wordt opgediend. :wink: We´ll see.


Haha, ‘de soep’ made my day :slight_smile:

If I get demoted because of satisfied buyers who didn’t leave a review that reflects their level of satisfaction, I will send them all message thanking them for the demotion and let them know that they can go (fill in the blanks) themselves with their future orders.


Well, my attitude is something like, if I get demoted, the level system is unfair in which case I´ll just stop caring about the levels. Would that be a pity? Yeah, but, you know.
I’m not worrying and I won´t fret either way. If it´s unfair and many sellers who don´t deserve it, will get demoted, buyers will eventually catch on that levels aren´t really what they should base their decision for or against a seller on (as if it was now… :wink: ).
For now, I´m relying on the probable fact that Fiverr wants to prosper and that they will adjust as needed.


You are right. Actually I didn’t notice any difference in orders when I was level 0,1 or 2.
It’s more about the communication with the buyer than anything else.


I don’t follow this line of thought. How does your rating go to zero if you don’t make any sales?

Are you saying that ONLY THE 60 DAYS WILL BE LOOKED AT?

So you would need at least one sale every 60 days which had better be 5 stars or you will be demoted?

What if someone needs to take a 60 day vacation? They go back to the level of a new seller? Or just lose a level.

Each 60 day period it is as if we have never had any sales before so we start out fresh? What if we have an emergency car wreck and cannot finish ten sales in our queue for that reason. So each order gets cancelled and goes late. We lose our level, even though for five years we have only had one late order per year.

In a way this is fair though. There are sellers like me who are here every day of the year who are the same level as those who are only here six months out of the year.


I don’t follow this I’m afraid. Only reviews less than 5 stars will have any effect on ratings - no reviews won’t have any effect, so ratings would stay the same throughout the 60 days.


I’ve been told by a customer support agent, that the stats refresh every 60 days. I am not sure if this is the case, because in many cases, different customer agents give different story or opinion on the same matter.


I believe so because if order cancellation is reviewed based on the last 60 days then why ratings would be any different?

Fiverr wants to make sure you do your best every month :slight_smile:


So if someone gets 100 orders in 60 days:

How many one star reviews can they get without being demoted?

Would the answer be all 5 star reviews except for 10 1 star ones?

How many cancellations can they get without being demoted?

I can’t understand this at all.


I don’t know if what you are saying will be the case but I kinda think that if someone is not selling once within two months then they are hardly worthy of being a leveled seller?
If you are right then at least all the stale accounts will lose their levels.


The seller won’t lose his/hers star-rating, only the level-rating.

If a seller hasn’t made a single sale in the last 60 days, I’m enclined to think this seller isn’t offering something of value on the platform. Why should this seller then be awarded a TRS status or any other level for that matter?

As I said, nobody will lose their actual star-rating, but if someone can’t make a single sale in 60 days, why do they deserve to be a leveled seller?


@misscrystal Yes, yes, yes and yes.
@offlinehelpers No reviews do have an effect. See the image for fact checking.
@eoinfinnegan I can tell you that my average selling price is above the average what most sellers without Pro-batch are having. But yeah, I only work here once in a while, so my account might be seen a stale one.

In my opinion because the sales they make outside of this time frame probably makes Fiverr more money than the sales of sellers with lower prices who sell more often.


Thank you for the image! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have to add that I only have 5 star ratings.
There was one who gave me 4.7 star rating and errr what happend to him… I let it look like an accident :wink:


I get that but surely there has to be a cut-off point somewhere. If you get no sales in 3 months then you would likely be a level 0 seller but then one sale would move you back up a level.

BTW. Your translation gigs don’t give the option to enter a word count like mine do, is there something you did to make that happen?


So for each 60 days if you get one sale earning a 5 star review you move up a level?


It probably happened by accident when creating them. I only mentioned the range of the word count in the description and left the field for word count blank. At least this is what I remember.


If someone has been demoted and so has all the other criteria necessary then just getting one sale would move them up a level.

Might be worth looking at because the category had a lot of changes in the last year or so. People should be able to enter a word count so that they can get an accurate price - otherwise 401 words would be $45 whereas 4000 would be $15!