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This “amateur” from Maine is glad to become part of the Fiverr Community

I’m an amateur, but have created my first Gig.

Self-reinvention seems to be a recurring theme for many of us, just trying to “earn a buck” online.

I’ve followed dreams (mine and others), in the form of “programs”, “teaching groups”, my own blogs (following different niches) and affiliate marketing. Sometimes spending too much time, effort and money, later just too much effort and time, all ending with the same fist full of “zip”.

I retired from Maine State Government after 30 years of service, with most of those years spent as a customer service representative.

It seems that my biggest issue is not having a personality conducive to “self promotion”. Basically, I’m a helper, not a seller.

Social media is also “not my thing”. I got locked out of Facebook without ever understanding why my account got “locked”. I managed to go through the steps to get logged back in, only to get locked out again, trying to post or just make a change in my profile by trying to validate my phone. It happened so much, I just gave up and canceled my account. I never was able to talk to a real live person, trying to resolve the issue.

I don’t currently do social media at all, though perhaps I may just take advantage of some of the skills other sellers have. I’m not committed to that one just yet though.

Through it all, I still believe that in order to be “successful”, it is important to do what really rewards us, spiritually through self renewal and helping others, while supporting ourselves monetarily.

So, as a “seller” here at Fiverr, I won’t be particularly “competitive” with you.

At first, I was quite unsure that Fiverr would be a good fit for me, for many reasons, but mostly because you all seem so talented at what you do.

All I have is a high school diploma and some adult education courses that got me into using computers, which got me in an office and out of the mail room.

To say that I found the list of higher education institutions, when I tried to enter my education information into my profile intimidating would be an understatement.

But as we all must do at times in our lives, I accept the challenge to draw on my past customer service experience and bring my unique skill set in the form of a “niche”, being willing to “start small” and learn.

I’m good at helping people find government resources, relating to licensing, starting a business and more.

I plan to do this by offering to find answers to questions, sources for solutions and perhaps even looking beyond my own current skill set to online review collecting.

Who knows?

I appreciate how Fiverr is structured, set up so that the stress of handling the financial transaction process and privacy issues are taken care of for us.

It is nice to have a ratings system in place to help us stay focused and that makes sure the buyer is able to make informed choices.

I hope to grow here, both as a person and professionally, bring my own niche into maturity.

Regardless of my level of success, I see this as an opportunity for growth, in a community built on mutual respect.

Mutual respect and finding value in being helpful, is the part of being a customer service representative that was rewarding as a full time employee.

This is the kind of value I hope to bring and find here.


Welcome and all the best!

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Thank you sophiascribe!


Your post was quite the read!

Having shared with us the trials and tribulations you had gone through to get your Facebook account “unlocked”, I strongly suggest that you read the ToS word by word (if you haven’t already) and understand each and every sentence thoroughly. This is because it is so much easier to get your Fiverr account blocked/deleted if you were to not abide by the ToS.

You can read Fiverr’s ToS here:

Also, just like Facebook, I am sorry to say but you will probably not be able to talk (via phone) to a “real live person” on Fiverr either. You will only be able to chat with them by submitting a request or via e-mail. In case you are in need of help, the only efficient way to contact Fiverr would be by contacting their customer service (CS) team by “submitting a request” over at

I wish you the best on Fiverr. If you so choose, you can also read through the hundreds of highly informative forum posts. It will definitely help you settle down quicker. Here’s a forum post which was created specifically to help out new sellers like you and me. Check it out-

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Great suggestions hanshuber16,

Fiverr’s Tos was the first thing I read.

Good news!

I have already used the customer service request ticket system to ask questions and have been helped by a real person.

I don’t have time right now to read all of the forum post you attached, but you bet I’m looking forward to taking your advice and following up on it.

Your suggestions are very much appreciated!


I read all of your introductory note and felt like answering and helping you with first your favebook problem them give you some tips for fiverr business.

Your account must have been locked because you have been posting on some facebook pages very frequently like we do to market ourselves or or services. FB also blocks us if we post some content which the viewers doesn’t like and make a complaint. The same has happened to me when I marketed myself on FB pages frequently.

Since you have been working as a customer support agent I think you already have the appropriate skills required to be an entrepreneur. You just have to see if you can sell your services or you can do business here as a third party hiring other’s services and providing to others. Best of luck!

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Hello abidhafeez,

Thanks for reaching out to me!

I believe my problems with Facebook started while trying to make changes “repurposing” myself.

At the time I had a Business Plan on What I was trying didn’t work, so I created a new blog, then tried to change my Facebook Page over to reflect the change.

It seemed to work for a while, at least the new page seemed to function (I’m not much of a tech person).

Things just snowballed from there, with the lockups, getting back into my account and then a continuous loop, with no hope of talking with a live person.

I’m afraid my professionalism went out the window with my frustration at the end, when I finally decided to just abandon the account, disabling it.

I swore at the “bot”, telling FB something equivalent to “F… Off”, when asked why I left.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t believe that I’m even trying to do anything at Fiverr.

I do feel that my work experience can be useful and I’m trying to put “mind to matter” so to speak.

I haven’t really considered doing business here “as a third party hiring other’s services and providing to others”. What an interesting idea!

That kind of puts me in “dream mode”.

I’m going to be perfectly honest about something else that is physical and does affect the speed of my progress and work.

I have had Glaucoma for years and needed a slip from my eye doctor since the age of 48, because the “speed of my eyes” kept me from being able to keep up at times with the pace of the office.

I still managed to be a valuable employee, even being one of the more accurate UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) data entry reps.

I’m now 64 and retired.

I still have not finished reading through all of the Seller Help Center articles, and plan to continue with reading the articles relating to this forum.

Eventually, I hope to contribute in a positive and helpful way in the forum, perhaps even providing “quotes” and links to the Fiverr Resources, to answer questions here.

Through it all, I’ve learned patience with myself and the ability to use the “speed of my eyes” to an advantage at times.

I appreciate the “no pressure” approach here at Fiverr and how wonderfully supportive both the Forum and Customer Support is.

They are indeed “real people” and very supportive, so I encourage everyone to use them.

You may never find me on Facebook, but perhaps eventually on another social platform, once I’m comfortable with using Fiverr.

Please continue to bear with me as I search to find the best ways to fit in here.

My inbox is always available, should you want to communicate with me in a less public way.

I appreciate all your suggestions and comments!

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Only thing i can say by your post. You like to write.
If you are assuming from my reply that i dont like to write – You are correct.
Wish you luck happy journey

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wellcome dude :heart_eyes:

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Point taken, a good one too.

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welcome and I wish you success

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Hi there, Arthur, welcome! There’s one thing you didn’t tell us yet. What’s the story of your trout? :slight_smile:

By the way, if you go in your forum settings (click your icon), you can put a link to your gig there and people can click your name or pic when they see a post of yours and are interested in taking a look at your gig (and ideally, buy it, of course, not too probable but possible, it did happen before, or at least it is rumoured it did happen before :wink: ).


Hi miiila,

Had to put an “S” in front to try and slow it down. Never did catch the the little devil.

Good tip! Can’t seem to find a field for it in my settings though. My first gig isn’t that good anyway. I’ll do better after a while. Someday that little bugger will just pop out at me and I’ll go :upside_down_face:

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Hello arthurstrout!
Nice to know more about you. I don’t know if fiverr doesn’t like our personal conversation off the topic relating to this community. Yet I want to share with you as it might help you with that. I also have diabetes, when I first got to know about it my hba1c level was 11.9% which is 5.7% for a normal person and if you have reached at 6% that means you have entered into the danger zone.

My doctor advised me to go on medicine but I decided to bring it back to normal without medicine because eventually medicine also has side effects. My doctor said if I don’t want to take the medicine he wants me to show the progress in a month, lose my weight from 90Kgs to 70Kgs, my sugar levels to below 100 fasting and near 120 at random only then he would not push me to take medicine.

I scheduled a plan, I started brisk walk in the morning about 6 kms, then take 1 slice of bran bread with cup of tea with no sugare in it at 7 in the morning, then at about 10 I waould eat 2 to 3 pieces of all seasonal fruits, then at 1 p.m I would have light lunch and after 2 hours I would go for 2 kms brisk walk, then at niht I would eat my dinner at 8 p.m and mostly I took a bowl of white oats cooked in water, sometimes added a chunk of chicken in it with some extra virgin oliv oil and little amount of natural viniger, then at 11 p.m before going to bed I would go again for 6 kms stretch of brisk walk check my sugar levels, if its near 120 I would go to sleep and if its higher, lets say about 130mgdl I would definitely brink it near 120mgdl and sleep. In the morning it would be near 100mgdl, a little above or a little below which is ideal.

In about 20 days time I went to my doctor and I had 72kgs weiht and my sugar levels were normal, and my hba1c was at 8%. Doctor was astonished at that and asked me to come when he found some patients who don’t believe this could happen with workout.

I kept this routine for about a year, my levels remained the same and after 3 months I further reduced hba1c to 7%. As now I have started working as a graphic designer my schedule has changed. I have to sit in the chair and work so it goes above normal but still not much, reaches to say border line. So this is how it is going and I believe if one is determined he can anything. Hope it helps.

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Click: your profile image top right > preferences symbol top right > Profile

There, you can paste your Gig link into the field Web Site, don’t forget “Save Changes”.

You can also add a location of your own choosing and upload a background image for your forum profile there; it won’t change anything on the main site, so you can play around if you want to.


Hello abidhafeez,

I agree with you that we shouldn’t be going off topic here.

That being the case - I’m going to respond to you buy sending a direct message.

I just looked for how to do it myself.
You probably know how, just in case someone don’t know, here’s how:

In the top right corner of our message is our username and picture.

  1. Click on the picture.
  2. Click on “Message” in the blue box with the envelope.
  3. Now, we can type in our message and send it.

You should receive a message in your inbox from me in a bit.

Thank You miiila!

This looks like a great way to get some feedback on a new gig or profile one.

I’m going to use it just to show my first gig, which really needs more work right now. Plan to use the gig suggestions category later.

Wheels still turning.

In reference to putting my gig URL in the “Web Site” field in my fourm profile:

It seems to me that doing this may be a bit of an overkill.

We can easily see all the gigs a seller has in their profile, just by clicking on their image in the upper right corner of their posted topic and then on the link to their profile.

While I appreciate your suggestion @miila, to me it just feels like a hard sell.

By no means am I telling anyone else not to do this.

Doing a hard sell, just is not who I am.

@abidhafeez Happy B’day… Hope you have a good one! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::gift:


O thank you very much hanshuber16.

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