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This Buyer Give Me Some Extended Deadlines Due My Sickness and Also Because He Responded So Late But I Was One Who Take The Blame

I had this kind of experience with this buyer. He was sweet at first, and due to my health condition I asked him to prolong the deadlines and he agreed. But once I got my normal pace to catch up the things, he responded to me real slow, it takes 1-2 days for him to response my message and I’m worried about late delivery coz I’m new here.

Long short story I’ve finished my job and send it to him, he requested for some revisions and I DID IT not more than one or two hours. Since then there’s NO RESPONSE AT ALL. I’m panicked coz the time still tickled and I send the file as final one that time. Still no response from him until the fiverr auto marked it as complete (around 4 days since our last talk) and that’s already ridiculously late that time.

He gives me bad review as if I’m not patiently waited for him to come back (which is not true since I’m messaging him twice but still no response). He said he was sick and getting disappointed for my service for closing the order. I’m not, that’s auto marked. I’ve never been this disappointed before and I feel to away from fiverr once all works done until God knows when.

I’m not going to publish his identity but this worsening my mental health condition. I wish to not meet people like him in the future.


I recommend you taking it easier.
2.7 is not that bad and it won’t be shown if you choose “Negative Reviews” in your profile.
You have to work with real people and they may act rude or do things, which you won’t like.

Next time, when you have an order in revision, never close it until you are sure that the buyer is satisfied.
Even if you see LATE word, it won’t affect your stats (but ONLY if you delivered the original order on time). Time for revision is unlimited (at least for now).


Thank you very much for your advice. I’ll take a note to not deliver anything and only giving update on the order chat if buyer is not responsive at the time.

Getting a bad/mediocre review sucks, but don’t let it get you down too much. It’s not bad enough to affect you long-term, and honestly, you simply cannot avoid misunderstandings like this sometimes. And that seems like all it is, a misunderstanding. Try to not take it too personally :slight_smile: <3