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This buyer is actually a scammer

Just warning you about this guy:******

He ordered a translation of English article into Polish. I did a very quality job for him on Sunday evening and delivered with style in less than 2 hours. And i never got my fiver.

He basically started sneaking around and disappeared. Nearly two hours wasted for nothing when translating those 950 words and proofreading after.

What a loser. Avoid ******** (a Polish national possibly living in Germany or Austria) at all costs. And as far as i know there is nothing you can do? So basically next time there will be a guy ordering a $50 translation that will cost me 10-12 hours of work for nothing.

How much longer may it take till Fiverr decides to develop a deposit system?

Have you ever been in such situation so the buyer runs away without payment? Could you put his/her nick here and describe the situation in a few words? I’m curious how many of us got fooled more or less recently.

The funny thing is that you can’t request a payment in advance on Fiverr. This option should be available at least to sellers who actually have made enough sales.

Did he place an order which you delivered?

I’ve never been in a situation where a buyer runs away without paying because
first they place an order and pay. Then I deliver the order.
Then they mark the order complete after 3 days and the money is placed into my account
pending clearance, and it clears, and then I withdraw it to my Paypal account.

They pay when they order. Then you do the job. Then you get paid.

You’ve got a couple of reviews so you must know how this works. Or are you saying you got a notice that the buyer got his money back? If so that’s a chargeback and happens sometimes to most of us.

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You only work after buyer places an order.
Did he place an order with you? No. That is where the problem is.

All sales begin with the buyer paying. Did you get an order that started the timer ticking until the deadline? If not, the buyer didn’t order and doesn’t owe you for sending freebies through your inbox.

I did notice that you have an order in queue, so if that is the buyer, they HAVE already paid just like your previous buyers. You’ll have to use the delivery button if you want to complete the order. The buyer has up to 3 days then to accept or to request a revision but that can’t even start if you don’t deliver properly.

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