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This buyer keep cancel my gigs


I have a buyer, she buy gigs from me 3 times. I do her gigs to design logo, and flyer for her. Just like what she wants. after several hours of hard work, I deliver my work. I am surprised because she refuse my work. And want to cancel the gigs. This happen 3 times. How fiverr can help the seller like me? anyone has the same experience here?


I’m sorry to hear that. The customer sounds like bad news :frowning:

Contact customer service.


Write Customer Support about this and remeber that, according to Fiverr TOS, buyers cannot ask for refund if you delivered exactly what they asked.

So, if your job has been done according to description and guidelines provided from buyer, he cannot refuse it just because he/she doesn’t like it: personal opinion is not valid for cancellations !!

You can read many other stories like this is forum extensively explained.

Anyway, don’t forget that the first step is talking with your customer and try to have a mutual agreement; you have to try to understand the reason behind cancellations… then talk with your buyer and see if you can solve this. If not, write Customer Support.


Reply to @bachas85: Second time in two days we are talking about free-riders or bully buyers… sounds like it’s an increasing problem…

We sellers must be strong and stop them, even if this means losing some reputation point…