THIS buyer request ... THIS ONE ... right here!


I actually came across this buyer request today. I kid you not:

Objective: Call the ghost or spirit of a Mexican boy named Charlie in a séance-style setup with a piece of paper and two pens or pencils.

You’d have to be completely insane to even attempt such a thing. Like, even if your area of expertise is ‘dealing’ in this sector. But the logistics of collecting the promised fee for such a task are virtually impossible. :rofl::rofl:


Here’s a screenshot/screencap as proof. I mean, someone actually listed this as a requested service.


Holy shit!

This just made my day! LOL :rofl: :laughing:


I have no order i will give it a try :wink:
But the question is why it showed up for you and why he want to way to pay 20 for ghost, for ghost seriously?? lol