This Does Not Make Any Sense, Does It?


Is it possible for a gig with 2500+ reviews to not show up on 1st page after having used the “avg.number of reviews” filter?

Especially when there is no relevant gig with a higher amount of reviews. In fact, gigs with 5-150 reviews show up in the first spots.

Is Fiverr (Intentionally?) Sabotaging The Search Results In Favor Of Certain Sellers?

Have you tried searching while logged out of your account?


It’s “Average Customer Review”, not “Average Number of Reviews”.


Sure it happens.
We do not have the answer to why some very popular gigs are not shown more prominently.


I am sorry but I have to disagree.

I am not talking about a gig not being displayed more prominently. I am talking about it NOT eve showing up at all. And when it shows up, it shows up on the 3rd or 4th page.

Support admitted it was a technical issue (that apparently happened just to me?) and they fixed it.

Update 05/01/17 => Just happened again… -.-


No point in worrying about things you cannot control. Nobody understands how algorithms work. Follow the best practices and go with the flow, that is all you can do.


Well, you should be worried hen your gig completely disappears from the search results for unknown reasons. Nothing to do with algorithms. Especially when support clearly says it was a technical issue (without explaining it further though…which is weird)