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This forum needs a big revamp

Hi Fiverr and Fiverr users!

I’ve been using this forum and noticed there are many flaws and and an antiquated UX.

For one, what I noticed is that discussion views are just incremented, even from the same user, they’re not unique or quasi-unique. This is great for performance, although not so much for UX/functionality. At this point I can’t see how views are useful, so why not remove them altogether? Otherwise, making them unique isn’t that difficult. Sure, you might lose a view or two in the process depending on how you do it, but that doesn’t matter anyway.

Since you’re developers, I don’t think I need to tell you how to do it, but I’ve seen a lot of developers do it wrong, so, I’ll give you a tip. What you could do is cache a view from either an IP, account or a combination of them for <>15 minutes. Another way could be buffering for the same time, and rejecting views from the same user if that happens in the chosen time frame. Then when it’s filled up or the time elapsed, flush the results to the database, whichever comes first. The second approach is slightly better because it’s based on the amount of traffic a discussion gets. For example, light traffic will more or less make the buffer expire after the chosen time, while heavier traffic will cause the buffer to fill quickly and flush before the time elapsed, ensuring responsiveness when needed and prevention against view fraud at the same time.

The second issue is that, notifications have a noticeable delay that range from 1.5 seconds to half a minute. I always need to go check notifications by myself. Are you doing this on purpose or is it a bug?

The third issue is design. My opinion is that it needs a revamp to follow the latest design rules. But this is just my opinion, the last word is yours.

The fourth and last issue is spam and discussion quality. Moderators are doing a fine job, but I see they can’t keep up with the spam that afflicts this forum, and the quality of discussions leaves to be desired. Why not give established users a way to vote to close or delete discussions and an edit feature, so that a low quality discussion can be edited to make it easier to the eyes?

The forum problems have been discussed many, many times and I’m glad to see new people continuing to comment. From what I understand Fiverr has promised a re-do and more mods for years. I don’t think any new mods have been added in a very long time. The only significant change I’ve seen is renaming Chit-Chat to Conversations. :-/ I keep hoping for effective changes someday.

One other thing I’m going to say at risk of offending people is that on some threads begging for change, some old moderators appeared to get hurt feelings. I don’t see it as their fault that their aren’t enough of them, though I am tired of walking on eggshells to avoid saying something wrong. The forums are not being moderated well and it doesn’t matter whose fault it is; it’s the truth. I just posted about this in Tips as well because of the quantity of silly spam that was just sitting there. I’m glad there are still others not giving up.

I don’t see why moderators should get hurt feelings. If I was a moderator I’d see this as an improvement tip, and talk to the devs to change the system.

Nobody should be silent on these issues, or they will never be fixed. It might be a heavy knot to swallow, but it must be acknowledged and acted upon.

Reply to @tkeen9: Agreed. The thread I mentioned was a long time ago (the forum was just as messed up) and I think it was just that those particular mods took the comments as blame. The ones who seemed upset used the “sheriff” identities instead of usernames so it may have only been 1 or 2.

After that thread it was quite a while before most regular users commented about the need for additional mods. When I added to this thread earlier I thought about deleting my own post on the forum to avoid hurt feelings or possibly a Fiverr staff member taking offense. I was frustrated by having to worry about it but I just posted anyway.