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This Gig does not meet the quality standards that are required for Promoted Gigs

My gig automatically pending for promoted and it says,
Currently, this Gig does not meet the quality standards that are required for Promoted Gigs.
But my gig is now average rating 4.9 then why it says this Gig does not meet the quality standards?
Can anyone help me to find out actually what is the problem?


Fiverr selects who gets to use promotion. The rules are different for each seller and category.

You can contact CS if you want but nothing can be done.


It might be because of metrics that they don’t say (it says “You meet additional quality metrics”). Maybe that could include the private feedback.

I agree maybe contacting CS might help but they might not say. But it’s probably worth trying if you want to use the promoted gigs feature.

Maybe take out “LIFETIME support” since the service is supposed to be limited to 30 days. Maybe reword “You are paying a QUALITY GIG”. Maybe change “What is social media kit include?” to “What does the social media kit include?”.

I did think it might also take into account price, but someone said they’d had the feature and they have the same basic price as that gig. Maybe they’re just currently limiting the amount of gigs that can use the promotion feature within each subcategory (but in theory they could still allow the higher priced ones first or those with a higher badge first).


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback

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The pending status on the promoted Gigs dashboard lets you know that the Gig currently doesn’t meet all the quality standards that have to be met in order to be able to promote a certain Gig.

Please keep in mind that order cancellations as well as being late with deliveries are just some of the metrics being taken into consideration.

Keep on doing great on the Gigs in question, deliver on time, get good reviews, and hopefully, the Gig metrics will improve and the Gig will leave the Pending status and be eligible for the promotion. The process is automatic, so I can kindly suggest you check your analytics after some time has passed for any possible updates.

Thank you


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback

I had got the same problem, the gig suddenly goes on pending mode,

Thank you this is much helpful.

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