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This Gig Gives You $50 for Free

So you are here for the $50?

Here is how you can get it from us for free!

Years ago, I was a college graduate seeking an employment. To stand out from the crowd, I decided to improve the presentation of my one-page CV that includes content editing, better layout, formatting, and a resume design. Since I do not have any friends in graphics design, freelancing website became the place for the project. After days of comparing and communications, I found a good designer to work with and a further 3 days later, I received the final deliverable. That resume then landed me tons of interviews and a career I desire. Sounds pretty right? Now you might wonder what this has to do with my free $50. It turns out that was the price I paid to the designer for the project. Do I think it is expensive? Well, Yes and No, at the time I could not find anyone else to help me on the project, I was eager to kick off my career and given the quality and results, it’s worth the money.

Early this year I joined Microscope Translation, a leading Chinese - English translation specialist. Most of our businesses had been carried out offline and after studying several online platforms, we believed Fiverr has great potential. When planning the resume translation gig, I immediately thought about that experience of mine and a few rounds of internal discussion later, we decided to offer two resume designs plus content editing and so on for free and as part of the translation service!

There you go - what costed me $50 years ago is now offered free to people in need. :grinning:

P.S. We are still new to Fiverr and would very appreciate if you could refer our services to people you know or in need. Many thanks and please feel free to let us know about your gigs and we will do the same! :+1:

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Sorry … if our post annoyed you … :cold_sweat:

BTW seems like we became a member of Fiverr around the same time … both of us in March 2018 :grin:

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That exactly! It is a great advertisement for a translation service posted in the appropriate category.

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Thank you guys for the nice support :heart_eyes: @daviddoer @nikavoice