This gig (not mine) is using my work samples. I'm actually not mad :)


This gig (link above) is using my work samples (images in the portfolio slideshow) complete with watermarks and link to my fiverr profile. What this person did will actually benefit my gig since the link on the image points to my profile page :slight_smile:

The image is a bit pixelated though. Should I provide the person a higher resolution image so that the link to my profile page will be more readable? I figured, I should help him/her help me :slight_smile:


LOL! I say give them the higher resolution. Good job getting other sellers to market you!


I should thank him/her lol


But of course. One of the funniest things I’ve seen on fiverr yet. If I were you I would screenshot it and save it.


This is not the first time it happened to me. I’m learning how to take things lightly :slight_smile:


It’s happened before? With the watermark and all?


Yes. In another instance even the video in my gig was used, including the link to my profile too :slight_smile:


omg what!!! Now that’s cheeky.

Also, “our team” and I bet they aren’t even from the UK…

Definitely going to watermark and tag ALL my future pictures…


Whoa! While sellers are recently experiencing dips in the fiverr economy you have said sellers promoting you! I need to figure out how to do that too! :open_mouth:


Reply to @katja1700: That will help but no guarantee. This things are hard to prevent. I don’t blame fiverr.


Reply to @katja1700: Same here.


Oh by the way. Won’t a fiverr admin delete your link? Against the rules or something so?


I didn’t do anything. They volunteered I guess :slight_smile: can’t complain really :slight_smile:


Maybe you should leave them a tip. :">

artportraits said: I figured, I should help him/her help me

In all seriousness, you should report the Gig and "Seller" asap. At the end of the day this is copyright and your name is clearly shown in the images and Buyers will see this and connect your username and work to the Gig - regardless if you have anything to actually do with it or not.


This is hilarious.


Reply to @thepromogirl: I already asked the owner of the gig politely to remove my work samples. I’m giving them a few days before I report it.