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This happens WAY too often

This is a direct copy and paste of a conversation I’m currently having, with personal details removed

Them: Hi joy i need voice over 209 words script in one day Thanks please let me know

Me: Hello! I can do this for you now. I currently charge $5 per 250 words + $5 for rushed delivery. If you need a commercial license it is an additional $10. Let me know if this is acceptable and I will set up the offer! If you accept, I can have the recording back to you within 2 hours.

Them: No will work with you in future too do this 5$ this time next tome will pay more
I need in 1 day I am an Animator and i will work with you in future too Send your sample voice over in mp3 format

Me: This is a $20 job as it is a commercial- I can’t do a $20 job for $5 I’m afraid. Lots of people say “I will work with you in the future too” to get cheap work. But this is how I make a living. I am afraid I cannot give you a 75% discount, you will have to find someone else to do the work for you.

Them: No i promise if you do a great job i will work

Me: If you are not willing to even pay 50% of my rates now, I have no reason to believe you will pay more in future. I can offer small discounts but 75% is way too high. Sorry

Them: I already got 8$ rate but don’t have enough money Right now in account

Me: My rates are already some of the lowest on fiverr. Asking me to lower them more is pretty rude

Them: No i am not that type of person that userp someone i promise that i pay more if you do a good

Me: I’m sorry. You will have to find someone else. Most voice artists charge extra for 24 hour delivery as well as for a commercial license. Please keep this in mind in future when deciding the prices for your animation services. If you use voice work without a commercial license you and your clients could end up in trouble. You need to make sure you are getting the licenses you need. I recommend you check the laws regarding copyright before you sell commercial products

Them: Could it be 6$?

Me, internally screaming


Oh, boy! Is it the weather that brings them out?


Sorry this is happening to you! May I offer a suggestion:
Stop communicating with him and do not even answer after he/she said:

“No will work with you in future too do this 5$ this time next tome will pay more”

And I would also report them so they can’t even message you again but that part is up to you.

This person does not deserve to get one more word from you after that sentence.


Good advice!

I have no intentions of working with people like this anyway; I’m always wary that they will give me a bad review if I do due to not accepting their lowball offers lol. I mostly continue to talk to them to try to explain a bit about how commercial rights work, because SO MANY voice artists on the platform are being suckered into working for cheaper than they should because buyers don’t see them as necessary.


He wants to argue with you. He is not a serious buyer. He wants you to get mad because he is trying to get his enjoyment that way.


After all the messages you sent and explained them clearly how you charge, this line killed me :rofl:


I get these types of buyers very often, but just HOW ridiculous this particular person was made me need to share it hahaha :sweat_smile:


some Are very rude type people :

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I certainly got a kick out of the $6 line… I mean really. As if a $1 more is going to make you change your mind. Oh my lord! :smiley:


Just looking around for some readings and this one catch me :rofl:

Actually, i must admit that you are very nice to them, keeping yourself on reading the whole thing and responding them. If i were you, maybe i won’t respond them as @misscrystal suggested. I mean, why should trust someone who doesn’t even care with using periods? Also, they already undervalue you.

I just checked your gig and if i may offer an advice:
increase your rates eventually so those who want to undervalue your quality will think twice.


Good to know that I’m not the only getting messages like that! I’ve put together a canned response for these guys. It has a link to my gig and firmly states that I dont offer discounts for new buyers but will be happy to explore discounts for regular customers. It’s terrible when they react poorly to that information. I once had a guy send me screenshots of his bank account as to say “see, I’m good for it, I’ll definitely place more orders” and called me dumb for turning thousands of dollars in future work. Even more frustrating is that a lot of lowball offers, for me at least, come from top rated sellers making videos for a third party. They understand the fiverr hustle but arent willing to pay for a decent voice over job.

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some people think we are here to serve them without fee. last night i had got a buyer who is so careless. a good project always comes when your buyer understands you.

I saw you mentioned something about copyright… I have to ask if I pay for a voice over and not add an extra for a commercial license, where can I use this type of voice over?? Also how will this be an infringement if there was an initial payment made?? Wouldn’t it be easier to add the price of the voice over and the commercial license instead of offering it as a gig extra?

You can use it as a message people hear on your phone, If it is on youtube and the channel is not monetized then you can use it on youtube unless it is some type of advertisement. As long as there is never any chance of money or payment being made as a result of the use of the voiceover then no need for the commercial license.

Adding it as an extra allows sellers to charge less to those rare customers who only want a voiceover for their phone message, generally speaking.


If I a teacher getting a monthly salary and one day I use the voice over to teach children about hygiene, will this fall into a commercial license…

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How would you get paid for that? That is not a commercial use. You get the salary for teaching, the same salary all the time. If you need a teaching tool that is not a commercial use.

If each child had to pay you to hear the message then yes that would be a commercial use.


I think I have a lot to learn about copyrights.

This is not about copyrights. This is about the need to buy a commercial license.


haha the end lines got me. I also had the experience where I was asking for $300 and my client replied can you do it in $80 even I already gave him the discounted price.
Some people just don’t understand what kind of effort and hard work we go through to provide them the quality of end product they have been expecting.


Here are some examples of non-commercial uses:

Non monetized youtube videos
Phone systems
Voice-overs for your website (such as audio versions of articles you have written)
Student projects
Voice overs for business meetings (such as an internal pitch)
Voice overs for internal videos (such as training videos, or other videos addressing your employees)
Teaching content such as recordings to help people learn English

Times you need a commercial license:
Monetized youtube videos
Promo videos

If you’re unsure, just ask. If the person doesn’t have it listed as a gig extra and don’t mention it, they’re likely fine with you using it however you want. Just check their gig description and ask them if you’re unsure. Some voice actors just include it in their basic fee, but there are actually a surprising amount of non commercial projects, so I don’t.