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This has gone to far.... Demoted for an insane reason

I need to vent. I apologize. I am close to losing my mind with these Fiverr changes… and the ‘zen desk’ is just having the opposite effect on me.

Let me give a bit of a backstory. I have been a super seller for 2 years before the new system came into place. I didn’t qualify because of cancellations.
I am a video spokesperson and a professional stage actress, and I would make videos for companies that I felt comfortable (or more or less comfortable) to associate my image with. This meant most orders, I am not THAT picky either, but occasionally I would get orders from clients, who never read descriptions, where I list what I don’t film for (e.g. dating sites, product testimonials etc). In order for my cancellations to be less than 10 percent, I have to break my own moral rules, and sell a bit of my soul sometimes, working for scammy websites tricking people into getting rich fast or worse. Do I like it? NO. Should I do it? No. But I decided to just suck it up for a few months and pray no one I know will find those videos and just not cancel for a period of time to regain my levels…

I got back to level 2 (after months), and today they have demoted me, because of one situation.
A client asked for a big discount, claiming he had no more funds… I agreed, and the client got a Standard video for a price of Basic. The video was top quality, with a bonus of me singing a song to the camera after the text. The review the client left said “Perfect, better than expected” but - 3 stars…

I asked the client if there was something wrong. (This client wants to order more, of course I need his constructive criticism if I am to work with him again, or I will have 3 stars from him without any insight in the future). I needed him to know he can always ask for a revision if not satisfied with a video. The client said that it was a mistake, that he thought I deserved 5 stars and asked how he can change it, to which I responded that I have no idea. The client decided to ask Fiverr team to change my rating. Let me stress - the client offered to change the rating, not me. I only wanted to know what was to be improved with the video. Fiverr demoted me stating I manipulated the rating system. When I described the situation I got a what seems a copy paste Q&A response, that has nothing to do with my specific situation. If the client would have written ‘mediocre video’, left 3 stars, never ordered again - I am fine with that. I don’t care about this rating, I just need to know for my future with this client what was he not happy about with the first video…

What would you guys do in such situation? Just not ask, just not work with this client again? Never ask them what was wrong? Or just keep doing what you are doing and risking 3 stars every time? Or would you have asked? Do you think this counts as manipulating the rating system to ask what was wrong with a video to a client who has intention on buying again??? (It was his initiative to ask Fiverr to change the feedback)…

I am just lost with all these Fiverr changes… It’s a never ending battle…
I have to already not cancel anything (I need to keep these 2 cancellations per month allowed for real emergencies, like clients ordering by mistake etc) and just film for whoever wishes me to film for them, even if they are fetish videos or online scams or anything I clearly state I don’t do… But on top of it I can’t have a normal business dialogue of constructive criticism with my clients… It’s become ridiculous… Please Fiverr team don’t just demote us, look into particular cases, and answer after reading out messages, not just copy pasting generic Q&A response…

Anyway, I hope your Fiverr life is going better than mine :wink:

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These days if a buyer leaves a wrong review by accident, you have to practically beg them to just leave it, not to touch it, not to speak or even think of it to avoid getting yourself in trouble. This is what I do, anyway, and it is completely ridiculous.

Sorry this happened to you.


Wow I had no idea about it… Thanks for letting me know hahaha :slight_smile:

Also as far as I know, reviews cannot be changed anymore, even if asked to CS.

To be honest, don’t even try to get your head around anything.

Speaking from experience, you will only burn yourself out by trying to appease the level system. Nothing you can do will ever protect you from risks of demotion. You will have months where the day before review day, all your stats will be in the green. Then at the literal midnight hour, you will have a chargeback or CS cancelled order, and you’ll find yourself furious with yourself for even trying to stay ahead.

I seem to get hit at least once a month by a series of scammers or deranged buyers ordering services I do not provide. If I try to cater for these people, I end up wasting days on orders which never result in anything but pain. Now I just cancel at the first whiff of trouble. Miraculously, I’ve only been demoted once but I literally don’t care and I feel better for not caring.

Of course, the injustice will still eat inside when you do get demoted. :frowning:

As for CS. A few sellers have reported being penalized for the same reason you mention. Because of this, I never mention the word review in any dialogue with buyers. You are correct in that it makes sense to try and find out why a buyer isn’t 100% happy if they order from you regularly. However, the Fiverr system doesn’t see it this way.

I had a buyer who kept leaving me 4-star reviews. I would have loved to have known why. However, eventually, I just started turning them away. One thing you can do is say something like: “I notice that you weren’t 100% satisfied with your last order.” (When the buyer places a second order.) "Please note that you can reach out to me if there is a problem with your next delivery."

That said, if your buyer then realizes that they have made a mistake and reaches out to CS, you could still find yourself receiving a warning. In this case, saying nothing is likely te best option.

On the plus side, when you completely disregard monthly level reviews and buyer reviews on orders, being less stressed will help you focus more positive energy on buyers who matter. This is arguably why I have only been demoted once. (So far.)


Hello, I’m so sorry this happened to you.

I never use the word review or mention it at all after the review is left. If the review is less than 5 stars I ignore that. Mentioning it at all can lead to what you experienced. I know it’s very strange and feel bad for all those sellers who don’t come to the forum to learn about things like this. If not for this forum no one would know about this policy.

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That is absolutely bananas. It’s like they’re actively trying to drive sellers away from the site. No matter how careful you are as a seller, it’s only a matter of time before you get a slap in the face for no reason at all


This is called Extortion, I will open a grocery store rather than serving fools or ruled by their foolish rules.


I am sorry this happened to you. It’s a horrible situation, to say the least, to have to deal with unethical work just to keep your stats and to have a CS team that doesn’t care, but this is what we have. :slight_smile:

It seem that the only way to survive here is to not care anymore, and slowly but surely put our eggs in different baskets. This is not a safe place anymore.


What you could do is put in a reminder (in whatever wording) when you deliver a video (or at least the 1st delivery) if you don’t already, but not question their rating (to be safe).

Also, maybe putting a “please contact me before ordering” in the gig description could reduce the number of orders for things you wouldn’t want to do. At least until Fiverr ever create an “accept/deny” option for gigs or allows cancellations (for things you list you don’t do) to not affect stats. Maybe also flag/contact support depending on the request if necessary (eg. if the buyer asks for something against the TOS/offensive/the things your gig says you don’t do).

Also, it’s much safer to cancel requests for online scam videos, even if it lowers your completion rate (since doing them could get your account in trouble/banned).

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Had a similar buyer. Said they loved the result. So much better than they hoped for. Yet left 3 stars. At this point I know If I say anything, I get punished. If I cancel a gig that I don’t feel comfortable with, I get punished. If I cancel a gig that is against TOS, I get punished (luckily this hasn’t happened, but it could). As a seller we are at fiverr’s mercy.

The ratings system has been changed numerous times, and yet it doesn’t address the real issues. And this whole levels demotion as a result of following rules is just wrong.

I don’t have a solution, I just work here.

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What you could do is ask CS to cancel it and say what they are asking breaks the TOS and ask if they can cancel it without it affecting your completion rate (though it might take CS up to 24 hours or maybe more eg. on weekends to respond/cancel it probably which may make it go late).


I CS asked on other issues, and the stated that it would still effect rankings and ratings. If I got demoted due to it I could ask for a review. But where I appear on search would fall and there was nothing the would/could do about it.

The issue I had was in incomplete order that was over a year old, buyer never complete requirements. Had CS cancel it. I got my completion rate lowered.

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Hi @orcatek,

Buyers change their minds, and often abandon the order before completing the Buyer Requirements. For a Buyer, when they abandon an order then they do not pay a service fee. If they had completed the Buyer Requirements and THEN changed their mind THEN they would have to pay the service fee.

Cancellation = Service Fee that Buyer must pay who receives nothing
Incomplete & Abandoned Buyer Requirements = No Fee for Buyer

Going forward, ignore those incompletes – just let them sit in that Neverland Limbo forever - they will not affect your analytics. Any cancellation, regardless of reason will LOWER your completion rate.

(Seriously, it does NOT matter the reason.)

I hope that is helpful! Best wishes for lots more orders! :muscle::star_struck::moneybag:

Oh I know. I learned my lesson. I never cancel for any reason.

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Hi @swaydesign :sun_with_face:

First and foremost – I am so so so sorry. I feel your aggravation for the state of the cancellation policy and no functionality to accept or deny an order. You’ve learned some valuable lessons over the years, about the platform and how much care is provided to Sellers regardless of performance or loyalty.

To answer your question “What would you guys do in such a situation?”

  1. BE PICKY. Say no to clients who didn’t give you 5 stars the first time, and don’t do orders that are outside of your values. No more sucking it up.

  2. BE A WARRIOR. Do not let anyone EVER pressure you into doing anything because you are in fear of the repercussions. Never do work for free and you will feel a lot better AND attract Buyers who will pay you what you are worth.


Lots of love to you. You are an amazing person and you can stand up for your work. Let go of the concern for cancellations and you do you.

Be happy. You deserve it. :orange_heart::trophy:


Here, Here. my Montra!!!

There are platforms way better than fiverr you can try!

Could not help quote a portion of the song “One Vision”
-By Queen & Freddie Mercury-

I had a dream,
When I was young,
A dream of sweet illusion,
A glimpse of hope and unity,
And visions of one sweet union,
But a cold wind blows,
And a dark rain falls,
And in my heart it shows,
Look what they’ve done to my dream

Terrible that Fiverr does not want to humanize sellers on here, Or respect long term sellers.


I always advice that never interfere with the review system. The way is now, it’s not a feedback system, but a rating system. The best thing one can do is just forget about it, and never talk with your customer regarding any rating.

I think you have talent and you will recover soon from the situation. But yes, a lot of things can be improved right now for sellers. A Community Manager would be a great addition now to improve the PR towards sellers and review&answer some concerns and situations, make public official interventions (in a friendly, nice manner), and some other CM tasks. There is so much room for improvement…

At least you didn’t quote the Bohemian Rhapsody… :sweat_smile: