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This has to be the WORST thing ever happened to me!


Ok I have to start by saying this: I’m a seller here on Fiverr since December 2014 and I made good money from it. I know it since the very beginning and I had no “major” issues before.

But this? It has to be the WORST experience I ever had in 10 years of working online!

Sorry for all the fury but you will get it once you ready through, especially if you’re an old guy like me who’s been around for years.

TL;dr: I completed a gig for a buyer, he made me work over and over till he got all he wanted, he asked for 2 more images (we agreed on 1) and I did all that. Then what? He marked the order as complete, then he filed a Paypal dispute and got his money back and got the gig cancelled 10 minutes after!! AND HE ACTUALLY GOT AWAY WITH THAT!

I contacted fiverr support in the same night and guess what? The guy did not even BOTHER to read my message and responded to me as the “Buyer” saying that I should have not filed a dispute and to follow up with Paypal and let him know if I need anything from him! LOL!

And just imagine: I waited TWO DAYS just to hear this completely wrong, irrelevant, and careless response.

Edit: Removed the screenshots - the point has been made in the replies so they’re not necessary anymore.

Are you going to make me wait 2 more days just to tell me there’s nothing to be done and that’s all? I’m literally RIPPED OFF and it’s YOUR fault and I want a solution NOW.

We spend our precious time and talent to make your site grow larger and larger everyday, and that should not be the kind of reaction I receive when I get burned like this!
This should be HUGE to you.

I lost 12 hours and $100 for ABSOLUTELY NO IMAGINABLE REASON and the worst thing is the ultimate carelessness I got from Customer Support! This is by far THE WORST thing that ever happened to me in my professional career as a freelancer. I mean if I got burned in an outside deal that doesn’t have “guarantees” that would have made sense (though it NEVER happened by the way) but here? That’s a different story.

If you don’t deal more seriously with something like that you should be ashamed and every single seller on this site should just quit and leave to save themselves all the pain and loss.

Update: I have actually sent a message to the CS guy and sincerely apologized for what he saw of me. I’m 100% convinced he had nothing to deal with all that rage and I was mistaken doing that.


Did buyer got banned or he still have profile on Fiverr?

Also, for customer support…
I am not defending them at all, but maybe because of your message they didn’t want to help you. First, you were using all caps in your message and that feels like you are yelling to CS, second you were cursing in the message. Third, it is never good to send multiple messages, one message is fine.


As angry as you are (I feel you, I just went through a similar thing), Fiverr CS is not there to be your punching bag. They are human beings too. You need to communicate in a respectful manner - kindness will get you a lot further with them. You don’t need to be rainbows and butterflies, but laying out the problem, your desired resolution and supporting screenshots is enough. It’s also going to be very dependent on who it is that you’re working with.

The first time I contact CS in regards to a completed order cancellation, they refunded me the money within 24 hours. The second time? I had to message them 3 or 4 times over the course of 4 days to get that refund.

You need to remove the emotional aspect of what’s happened and talk facts. That will help you with further communication with CS.


Why would support help you out if you’re talking like that ? :slight_smile:


Guys, you don’t get the point.

I never curse, I never yell, but this time I was fed up and I apologized for that in my post before saying anything. I do apologize again, but is that the whole point?
I got robbed because a guy used a flaw in fiverr’s system and they didn’t do something about it. Isn’t that something that should scare all of you?! Isn’t the kind of automatic reply I got from CS that the guy even didn’t know I’m a Seller and not a Buyer scare the hell out of you?

Why I was yelling and cursing has a log of background that doesn’t fit in this thread, but here are a few points just to give you a hint:

  • I was staying to post midnight doing all what this buyer wants and was super tired and frustrated
  • I delivered more than agreed as you see in the screenshot (yes I did and I was ok with it)
  • I checked on my way home and saw “order completed” then in 2 hours noticed by mistake the notification in my app saying “your order has been cancelled”.
  • Tried to contact him but of course never responded
  • I had been harrassed on fiverr before multiple time because of raciest and extremist people for no reason (including one person who kept creating fake accounts just to buy my gigs and give me negative 1 star feedback!)
  • I had seen a lot of bad experiences with CS lately in a broad range of issues and I actually “reported that back to them”.
  • I have never posted anything on this forum because of any of the 100s of issues I faced here because I don’t like to whine and I just deal with my problems. In fact I’m the “Silent guy” who browses all forums for years and never writes even if he feels a big urge to argue with someone, unless I have something I need to say.

The list can really go on, but that really isn’t the point because it’s not just about me. It’s about any seller who is hard working and doing all he can and simply gets robbed like that and doesn’t receive any actual care from the platform he’s working on.


The buyer is still there, nothing changed.


No, it doesn’t scare me. They probably respond to hundreds, if not thousands, of inquiries a day, you’re going to run into human error. Do you want to know how I would have responded to that message?

“Hi there - I believe there’s been a misunderstanding. I’m a seller getting in touch regarding order #1234567890 and the forced cancellation that occurred after the order was completed. Can you advise on the status of returning the funds of this order to my account? Thank you.”

I’m not here to discredit your feelings about fiverr, buyers, and CS. I have my own strong feelings as well and have been PLENTY angry about things that have happened on this site. But again, when trying to communicate with people, you need to be respectful/factual. Cursing is going to get you nowhere as you have currently figured out.


This became the point because you chose to act entirely unprofessional “this time.”. The Support agent probably didn’t read your entire message and I can’t blame them. Who wants to read an all caps swear rant?

They closed your ticket and sent you a canned reply and I’m surprised they didn’t ban your account. You can’t act like this “one time” as a guest on Fiverr’s platform. I had total sympathy for you until I read a few words of your rant and then I shut down. Losing the funds for the single order is the least of your problems since you behaved so poorly and now that is the point. Sorry.


I think the whole problem is that I’m always keeping my feelings from bursting like this, and the one time that this happened it was with a random stranger and I delibretly posted it in public and made myself look so bad! That’s actually funny in itself.

Yes, I can’t argue with your post. Every single word you said is right, and as you see now there’s no caps :slight_smile: The problem is that lately I had a lot of carelessness in dealing with many serious issues, and this situation was the last straw.

By the way thanks for your replies, in fact I’m going to close that ticket and open another one without “all the feelings” and then I’m going to report what happened.


He did not close my ticket - and sure did not “ban me” for this, and I see no reason why he would. In fact if he did he would be unprofessional as well because CS in any company have the horrible job of dealing with stuff like that.

And yes I overly did it but that is not the first time I get a response from CS which is totally automated, and I never cursed or used all caps before - that’s one reason maybe why I did it that time.


You got lucky, then.

No, some companies don’t require CS to take abuse. I was a Support agent for a large software/hardware company and we were allowed to hang up if someone started to swear. Different companies have different policies. CS usually gets the lowest pay for the worst job and some companies value their skills too much to make them accept abuse. Good luck.


Your point is correct and there’s no right for anyone to abuse CS. I actually did not swear “at him” but of course it still is bad.
Usually in another situation I would be taking your place and saying the same things, but unfortunately I am the one in the bad situation right now.
Thanks for your replies though.


There are a number of cases where Fiverr did help. They do so mainly with higher value orders with sellers who have built a good relationship with Support. The chargeback issue is still a problem and needs work, but I disagree with only part of your comment.


Sir . I have faced it sometimes… And its really hurts me… Sometimes I have worked for 12-15 days for a project and after some days buyer perform the chargeback and The order gets cancelled .Then what I got ?.. An order cancellation and waste my hard working . Sometime I need to buy plugins and themes for buyer I have to lost that money also . I have showed my work proof to the fiverr support but they didn’t helped … They will tell everyone that "When a payment is disputed with the payment provider, we both lose out on the sale, as the money is returned back to the payment provider in most cases. " … And I think actually they do not lost anything … We lost our hard work and money …And Now chargeback is common case in fiverr.I think fiverr should fix it .


And my orders value was $250-$400…


Wow that really hurts. It’s a nightmare. I am so sorry to hear about that, it makes my issue a lot less infuriating now.


Please don’t get me started about the leveling system. That’s another story :smiley:


It’s generally easier to deal with those sorrows if you have no family and children to feed and this is your main income source - which I really is not your case :smiley:
Good luck to you!


@e_samurai you need to apologize to the CS agent and say something along the lines of this.

Maybe you already blew it (then they’d probably close the ticket), maybe not. It’s worth a shot explaining the confusion and working professionally with CS to figure it out.

We’ve all had our bad experiences (such as total misunderstanding in this case), but I think in general there are 2 HUGE things to keep in mind when talking to CS.

  1. It’s not their system, platform, or rules. If something doesn’t turn out to your liking, chances are they’re just interpreting something that came from a higher power. CS agents (on Fiverr and otherwise) are in a very difficult position where they have to negotiate a resolution that’s ideally beneficial to 3 different parties with different/conflicting interests whilst following the ToS and whatever guidelines/procedures the company otherwise lays out for them.

  2. They’re not evil beings out to steal your milk money. If that were truly the case, Fiverr wouldn’t be the thriving community it is today. They’re fellow humans with what I would guess are stressful and busy jobs.


If this is your situation, you would be wise to think of CS as a maniac who has just been released from a high security prison, and been assigned a position as your office supervisor.
At any moment, they can fire you. In this case, it might not be a good idea venting in such an impolite way when something goes wrong.

I get it. When things like this happen, you want the matter addressed asap. In a real-world situation, you would likely have matters like this addressed in your favor. As it is, though, Fiverr is not the real-world and CS is known to make mistakes and be somewhat trigger happy when it comes to outright account bans.

Put simply, try not to upset CS.

Regarding your order itself, you do now have the right to file copyright complaints with any website and/or web host which uses your work. 99% of the time, they will comply immediately, as they will have no idea that projects like this have been outsourced by the person they outsourced them to. If you want revenge, go that route. You won’t get your money back. However, your buyer’s career will go up in flames pretty spectacularly. :wink: