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This Id verification process is very depressing

It came out nowhere, just literally popped up on my dashboard and when I tried to verify my identity with my national registration card, it was declined, they only want a passport. In a country were I live a passport costs $89 and you have to apply for it and be on a waiting list for weeks. Most sellers including me, are keen on providing excellent services and are very talented. However they could be from a 3rd world country and may not even have a passport. Not a lot of people especially in Africa, have passports, reviews help a user decide if they want the services. This is going to limit people from being able to rise up through the rankings. I don’t know what I should do, or what I have done wrong. Is this a way to limit the number of freelancers from 3rd world countries.


Ouch, I hope all goes well sorry that this happened hope you can recover

You should probably contact CS about this - they’ll be able to tell you what form of identity you can use …


Thanks, I really love this platform and I don’t want to leave,

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I suggest you contact CS as soon as possible.