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This is a cricket post

Let’s talk about crickets…

Would you ever eat fried crickets? I have. DRLICIOUS.

Serious Question


Look, just because @writer99025 got a job writing about this topic, it does not mean every cricket related post will get you a job, ok?


I thought of it as game of cricket.
Being an Indian we are cricket (The game) freaks.

I had fried crickets 3 hours ago.

He is really funny in his own way, very happy to have him here on this forum. :grin:

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You don’t need me anymore? So you just use me and toss me away whenever you feel like it? Outraged

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I heard :chocolate_bar: chocolate covered crickets are delish, as for me… Nope, not gonna happen! :grin:


0.25$ each!!! omg I will buy a lot :+1::yum:

No, I would not. I do not prefer food that was once mobile in it’s original shape.

I enjoy fish, and one time ordered it from somewhere I hadn’t before as a special treat. It was the whole fish. I did not enjoy that.


I had crickets and grasshoppers in Cambodia. I liked them. They have fried scorpions and spiders as well, but I wouldn´t try it, too scared.