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This Is A Guaranteed Fail. *You Won't Believe The Audacity of the Second Msg!*

Yes, that is a clickbaity headline, thank you for noticing.

I think this exchange will speak for itself. But to add some color and interest, here are my opinions.

Don’t spam people begging them for work. You can dress it up however you like, but that’s what you’re doing. If you insist, don’t… write badly? Especially if you want me to pass my work onto you and then build MY rep on your hard work?

Please, don’t be so basic. I am trying out the Fiverr attachment image thing for once. If it doesn’t work, see the Imgur link in my next post. The seller has retained his anonymity as per Forum Rules and his own blushes when he realizes what a tool s/he has been, but I have alerted them to this post, so they can defend their behavior. It’s really quite fair.

And please, anyone reading this: DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX WITH YOUR DESPERATION. You will get short shrift, and if you have the audacity to respond to that shrift in that way, well. The results are here.

Capisce? Good. You may click the report button, my spammy friend, but ultimately, let’s see what the community thinks, hmm?

Hahahaha. Amazing.

It was pretty hard for me not to respond with “lol”.

Hahaha, hilarious.

But wait, there’s more. I guess our friend isn’t going to play.

It’s amazing how many mentally disabled people create an account here. I had a similar conversation two days ago.

BONUS: the next beggar is going to write me something–1000 words–completely free.

It’s alright, you can copy paste, i won’t mind. I’ll just point it out and listen to your redundant shouting about how a prospective employer’s opinion is worth less than a cent of super-sticky dogshit.

Well he wasn’t begging, just “offering his services”

speaking of mentally disable people - I think I am one.
I open my profile - got work. -then ii was put on ‘hold’ - and I cant find how to activate it again !
Can someone help this mentally disabled person? - thanks

On CS can help you with this. There are no gigs in your profile shown.

His services aren’t up to standard. In his profile, he notes that he is a “writer that affections books”.

Pity the poor books, they only wanted to be read.

You, sweetheart, (note the audacity to call you sweetheart) are savage.

And you can be quite patronizing, dear.

Emmaki, I thought you are a Seller do you also buy? Don’t mind my curiosity.

No, I don’t. If I were, anyone who has ever spammed me for work that they clearly aren’t capable of is already on my blacklist (and some of the earliest spammers a couple of years back still have no sales or no profile).

Generally speaking, if you spam my inbox, you have a very high chance of failure anyway. That’s not me: that’s you being rubbish at what you want people to pay you for and having no clue about drumming up sales.

But don’t mind that, I’m just an ATTENTION SEEKER.

I buy regularly, however:

  • I don’t care that you think your services are great and that I should buy from you.
  • I don’t care that you want me to try your service because you saw my review on one of your competitors gigs.
  • I don’t care that you believe you “deserve a chance”.
  • I don’t care that you think I am paying too much.
    No matter what the reason you make up for sending me spam, I will NEVER buy from you. So just don’t do it. You have a better chance of me buying from you if you do not send me a message.
    If you message me asking me to buy you, I will take 5 minutes and report you to customer service requesting that you be banned/blocked/castrated etc.

Lol, I was beginning to wonder if your profile is an extension of the BR.

Common eoin! Fiverr castrates people too, is that not against human rights? Lol.

Like…how do people think this is okay behavior on Fiverr? I get it, out in the real world, you might try to make connections and network, in order to find people to send work your way. Some people obviously think that’s what they’re doing by sending these messages…but this guy is just obviously begging around for established sellers to shunt their buyers his way. Which I’m sometimes willing to do, myself, if I ever have inquiries that I can’t take on or, more commonly, don’t want to take on.

But, for example, do eBay sellers message each other, asking sellers that already have customers to send their customers to other accounts? If they do, that’s equally ridiculous. Do Amazon sellers? Etsy sellers? I’d wager probably not. And if they do, it’s no where near as common as it is here. I get that we can be in competition and still cooperate, but c’mon.

It is freaking hilarious how defensive and aggressive he gets in that second message and beyond. Wowee. What a guy.

I actually almost died trying to not laugh at work. My God, he’s such a sissy! I literally signed up, like, yesterday, I think? And now I feel SOOOOOO much better about not getting last 3 messages with a potential buyer already if some of these nanbies act this way. What the hell?? I think he’s on the wrong site for their skill level, I mean, it sounds like English is not their first language but if you think your dog turd language skills are hot stuff (hot shit??) and that’s all that matters, you REALLY are ahead of yourself in capacity. I hurt trying to read those messages but I totally get why it was a turn off. And “affections” books? Sounds like a foreigner having ESL problems, so probably not worth to cost anyway. I pity anyone who paid for their work. But thanks for making my day, I already feel more confident in my capacity!