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This is a joke. For real

Now level 1 and one more warning away from losing my account.


I have no idea.

They said “abuse of deadline extension tool” i.e. extending to a point where I could reasonably deliver the content AS ADVISED.

Actually, the warning was:

“To protect our buyers and sellers and to promote a safe marketplace, we ask that you do not share any payment information with other users.”

Which I would never do.

When asked:

“Please note that providing feedback/reviews is a violation of third party Terms of Service as well as ours. Your account has received a warning for providing feedback/reviews”

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Nope. Now I know why I received the warning.

Absolute joke.

It was when I reported myself earlier when I was confused about that lady’s feedback. Apparently, Fiverr seems to think I was putting reviews online. I wasn’t.

So, really.

This is a joke.

I don’t know the whole story, but I bet it’s a misunderstanding.

A seller recently shared on the Forum that they had recieved a vague warning about something. They contacted support and (once they got in touch with someone who knew what they were doing) Fiverr admitted it was just a mistake.

Try asking for Gio :slight_smile:

I am losing everything I have worked for over 5 years.

Like, there is no need for me to finish the other orders in my queue now. Couple this with the fact somebody (who has about 40 individual orders in my queue), just cancelled four of them to get my attention. Woo. Negative feedback. Whatever happened to messaging?

Reading those posts actually scare me, there has been a lot of them being posted in the last few days. Hopefully, this nonsense will stop some day. :confused:

Have you been able to get any written reply from Customer Support aside from their copy/pasted responses?

There have been a lot of discussions recently about established sellers getting flagged for no reason or bumped down in the search results. I guess they see old Fiverr sellers as competition to the over-priced Pro Gigs they’re trying to push. :roll_eyes:

It was a full written description of what I did wrong (sort-of). Well, two different reasons.

But, my gig is now dead anyway :slight_smile:

I have booked a flight to move back home to England. Was a fun five years living in Sweden, but my life is now effectively ruined, and I have worked almost 20 hour days for 2 months now.

I don’t even know whether I should complete the 64 orders in my queue. There is no real sense in doing it if the funds are going to be locked for 90 days.

Do you really know how many warning fiverr will give us

3 warnings.

You get 1 warning, then the next you get demoted (as happened with me), the third is an account ban and funds locked for 90 days.

Thanks for this information

If I could give 6 stars, I would. One of the few writers on Fiver who writes naturally, and organically. Regular buyer, and still will be back for more.

What a terrible loss to fiverr if they ban you when you get this kind of review.

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Over time, though, you’ve posted about various communications with CS over years. Since you’ve posted about the loss of TRS and now level 2, you mentioned having been warned in recent weeks and now I guess you’ve been warned again, it doesn’t sound like this would be unexpected. I’ve never seen another account with so many automatic 1 star reviews that stayed active for such a long time with even a level 2 badge.

Honestly, Ryan, I think Fiverr has given you a lot of time and opportunity to do what other sellers have been required to do all along. I’m seriously not trying to be mean or cold, but I don’t think other sellers should be worried that they would just be demoted or banned overnight for no reason at all.

It appears that Fiverr is still giving you some chance to do whatever it takes to change your gigs and start delivering on time even if it means less bulk, slower delivery times, higher prices, limiting the queue or whatever tool/technique works for you. I think you’d have to do what other sellers already have to do, though, and avoid automated or manual reviews that are poor. I wish you the best of luck whether in England or staying in Sweden or whatever you need to do. Take care of yourself.


It sounds like a time management issue with a simple fix to me.

They agree that the automatic reviews came mainly from scammers after I linked the Reddit thread to them. They aren’t fussed about those.

This account warning is not actually due to anything regarding lateness (they did state it was for extending the time of the gig, but I don’t see how that is a ToS violation). But, Kenn seems to imply that it is more down to the style of content I am writing? He says I am not allowed to offer product overviews as that breaches the ToS. At that point, you start to feel targeted because not one of my warnings has EVER been for late deliveries and they state that it never will be. The warnings are all due to me self-reporting myself, apparently.

But, based on this warning, it means that sellers can no longer offer anything that could be construed as a product overview?

She asked me to give overviews of a few products for inclusion on her website. So, a description of what something offers. I am willing to bet that this is MOST of the work that writers do on here, yes? But no, apparently that breaks the ToS now?

And the warning (which goes down on my account), is for this:

“, we ask that you do not share any payment information with other users.”

Fiverr doesn’t allow product reviews or overviews now.

I’m sure you didn’t share payment information.

If you never got any warnings for lateness then I doubt if they will ban you. They seem to be very tolerant to me.

I gotcha and I don’t have all the details so I can’t answer all the questions. I’m just saying that most of us wouldn’t be able to have all those 1 star reviews and keep our badges and accounts. it seems to me that that would have to have an affect on you at some point. If I’m wrong, that’s fine, but the other stuff you describe also sounds resolvable, like the Dropbox delivery thing.

I don’t think the average user will end up with warnings and demotions easily if they maintain their accounts so I added my comment for those users. For your situation, I don’t really have anything else to say except that I hope that you find some comfort in some way through all this and I wish you well no matter where you live or what your Fiverr status is. :four_leaf_clover:

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I think if they were going to ban you they would have done it long ago. They know you are a treasure.

If they don’t allow product overviews then that is ridiculous. 100% guarantee every writer here is writing them on a regular basis. I know I have asked for samples from some writers on here when I was looking for people for a project and ALL sent me exactly what I asked for (an overview). I am not going to name the sellers here, but many of them frequent this forum. I don’t see how there is anything wrong with giving a description of a product. Are they going to close the Copywriting category? That’s basically all Copywriters do.

And the message def says that one more account warning and my account is blocked BUT I could have my Level 2 back in 30 days if I still meet the requirements for it (I don’t).

I am still confused as to why part of the warning was talking about me ‘abusing’ the gig extension thing, but they seem to be reluctant to answer that.

The annoying this is that EVERY account warning I have ever had stems from me talking about a gig that has been delivered, or when a buyer has received MOST of the content but canceled. I have never received an account warning without actually sending a ticket. This ticket actually made it clear I did not want another account warning, I just wanted to deal with the situation. Guess what? Didn’t deal with the situation. Said the buyer’s order would be refunded within 24 hours and gave me the account warning. (and yes, the buyer STILL had the content, so I really don’t get it)

So you are reporting yourself to customer support basically?

If it is a review of a product, that’s not allowed. Amazon has complained and threatened about it. Thousands of previous reviewers have stopped reviewing products.

These aren’t Amazon reviews. These are product overviews for a website. I have never written Amazon reviews at all. Nothing to be posted on Amazon, Yelp, or anything. I always turn down that type of content. Always have. Always will.

This is more, somebody gave me an eBook to read. (short eBooks). I then make a note of what can be found in that eBook. This overview then goes on their website. That is the type of content that I received the account warning for. It was just highlighting the details of the product.

And Amazon threatened because fake reviews were being put on the Amazon website. They don’t actually care about reviews being placed outside of their website. This is how they managed to get so popular. Amazon affiliate marketing is MASSIVE business.