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This is a new one. I'm going to say "No"

What could go wrong though?


This scam has been going on for sometime on Fiverr. You are wise to say no.


I should have clarified. This is a new one for me since this is just my 3rd day here.

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Then you will see many more of these types of “offers.” These scammers like to pick on the newbies because many of the new users are gullible and fall for the scam. It is annoying, but all you can do is report and block them.


I spent 25 years as a police officer. I’ve seen people scammed like this way too many times. Every time I’d wonder, “how did they let that happen?”. After a few days reading posts on this forum, I get it. People want the offers to be true because they need the money. This creates desperation and lowers their guard.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time someone tried to scam me in my first 3 days and I’m quite sure it won’t be the last.


Hi Darren,

Please, just do as per @vickiespencer’s advice. Report and block this type of users.

Just one more advice, if I may. Before reporting and blocking them, reply to their message to avoid lowering your Response Rate. A simple “No” will be fine.


Hey darren! I have received several scams such as this. They even go ahead an setup the account with your email and even send phished email links with the verification process to verify the account. Just be careful, there isnt much that can be done about it other than that. They targeted me alot when I created my account, but stopped after a week of trying. They usually target new sellers, so dont worry darren they should stop bothering you soon :slight_smile:



Fiverr removes them as soon as they find them, but they create new accounts and keep trying to scam people. They’ll keep doing it for as long as there are people who fall for it.

There are also those who feel that they’re entitled to personal guidance and hand-holding, and if they get a message through Fiverr, it must be true, otherwise Fiverr wouldn’t let it pass through. And when Fiverr doesn’t let it pass through, they complain about that. And if Fiverr doesn’t detect it on time and lets it through and they get scammed (or get an account warning for accepting to communicate outside of Fiverr), they act as if it was Fiverr’s fault.

At least that’s what I’ve observed here on the forum.


What is the best way

Also in addition to above advice–I think a screenshot of the conversation with the username and contact info included is against the forum rules. I’d black out the sensitive content if you really want to include a screenshot, or just remove it at this point. You may get tagged as breaking some rules otherwise. :wink:


Thanks for the advice. I’ll do that. The user has since been suspended or otherwise disposed of by Fiverr.

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You should immediately block them are report this misconduct. This will also block them and not effect your response rate.

Scam! Everywhere, don’t believe.