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This is a nightmare

a buyer has become a nightmare …

We agreed on an order for a video, I’ve done it, asked for some changes and I also made them, then I asked for more changes, they were excessive changes, then at that moment I told him that we would cancel the order, and that he would leave. He has sworn to me that these would be the last changes and I would complete the order.

Then, after he worked on it, he told me that he needs more changes, and he forces me to give him the source file, I tell him that I can not deliver the source file, that it has an additional price, he threatens me that I must deliver it and he will not mark The order as complete.

What I do? I have contacted the support of fiverr, do you think they will help me?

I have spent much of my time on this project.


You can cancel the order if you want to by asking customer support to do it.

edited because the OP offers to do unlimited revisions in her gig.


Thank you very much, the order is currently with an open exchange request, I did not want to deliver the order again so that fiverr does not say that I have used the button to deliver the order unduly.

Then I could deliver the file again and tell him that I will not continue working with him?

Keep on doing unlimited revisions since that is what you offer to do as I see in your gig description.


Yes, but then what happens if the buyer requests a new revision?

In my order, I have placed 20 revisions, he has requested revision only 3 times, but of those 3 times he has made more than 20 revisions in total to the video.

Do unlimited revisions since that is what you offered to do.

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Do you say how many revisions he can get in your gig description? Do you say “unlimited revisions”?

I see you offer unlimited revisions so you have to do them as many as he wants.

Forget all that I told you and keep doing the revisions, or just cancel the order.

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Ok, I’ll follow your advice! He says there are 20 reviews, and he has done more than that.

No keep doing revisions since that was what you offered to do.

Why did you offer unlimited revisions if you don’t want to do unlimited revisions? I’m just curious.


No, I will not continue making revisions, I even request to cancel the order, because it says it is not to your liking. I rejected the request and resubmitted the video. I’ll do it until I get tired, or until I freak out in between.

You would be violating the rules. Forget what I said. You are obligated to do unlimited revisions.

If you refused I would get customer support to give me a refund.

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No, I did not offer unlimited reviews. in the order that I sent you, I only said that I would do 20 reviews

The gig you have says UNLIMITED REVISIONS.


Here is your gig.

You should hope he cancels it, or do unlimited revisions.

Captura It was a personalized order that I sent, where it says that it would only make 20 changes.

Well you can try delivering it but I think what you put in your gig description would over rule that possibly. You really should never say that anywhere.

I think you should ask customer support about it and send that to them and also say your gig says “unlimited revisions” and see what they say.

I think it would not affect because it’s a personalized order, that’s why you set the conditions when you send the order.

Let customer support decide. OR try to cancel the order.

If you’ve been found you fulfill your orders as you mentioned on your gig then this is your goodness if you further entertain your customer for building a long term relationship. And as you noticed that it is going over then your gig, you can conveyance him for further gig purchase, as it costs you too. before going to CS do your home work what exactly irritating you and which can prove, you have done your job accordingly. Purchasing gig is to purchase a finish product so if you worked on customer briefs, you done that finish product. May be your client willing to pay you, but you’ve judge wrong. Every dispute bases on wrong direction even both doing well!