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This is a scam

After a few days from my order the number of those who like my fb page are

disappeared. This is a scam!


Contact the seller and ask to deliver likes again…If seller can’t do it well,get a refund…

What has the world come to when a super model has to buy likes! :wink:

Seriously though, there is plenty of advice in the forum regarding buying fb likes, it hardly ever works out well.

In my opinion, buying facebook likes is in itself a scam… and is against Facebook’s TOS. When someone goes to your facebook page and sees all the “likes” that you bought… you are in effect scamming THEM! And as many people complain about it on the forum here, it amazes me that people still buy them, and then complain when they disappear!

Is it really that hard to get natural Facebook likes? Provide content that people care about, and don’t try to sell them a garbage $47 eBook about how they can earn $1,223 each day.