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This is an offer I got. Is it real? I really can’t tell

You’ll get $800 a month. This excludes your expenses used in getting the required tools. Furthermore, there are 100% chances of a salary increase base on your hard-work review. However, it’s a simple work that doesn’t affect your daily activities. It’ll only take you 2-4 hours daily, 4-5 days a week.

Your primary duty is to print a check letter on the check paper. The check letters will be sent into your e-mail alongside with the shipping label. You’ll print the check letters on the check paper and the shipping labels on a white paper. You’ll package the printed check in the envelop and glue its shipping labels on the envelope as well and lastly, you take them out to the respective provided courier service for mailing. Most importantly, You have to make sure the mail gets out to the courier service for pickup before their closing hour so it can be scanned. Understood!!!

This is an offer I got. Is it real??? I really can’t tell.


I think this is fake. Please be careful.


Fake, fake, fake!!!

It also could be a deal where, if you contacted them, you could get money stolen or be forced into money laundering, sex work, or slave labor. Stuff like that happens when naive people answer this crap. Something similar happened to me in my 20’s. It was a close call.

Stay far from it!!! You can only make money by learning your skills, having integrity, delivering quality, and working hard. Take Care.



Looks very dodgy indeed. Note how they offer what seems to be a bit of money but then you have to spend all of your own to actually do the work. that is like working as McDonalds but having to pay for each burger you make before you sell it at the counter, despite the business taking all the money. Seriously dodgy.

I agree that if the job even exists it is probably for someone who might get visits from SWAT.

These are not the droids you are looking for.



Are you serious?

For one thing, this isn’t how Fiverr works. There’s no monthly salary on Fiverr, you get paid per project. And for another…

That’s illegal, as far as I know.


Be careful. This is fake. Don’t trust this kind of topics.

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