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This is an outrage

I paid for one of your writers ****** to write my autobiography, he had a deadline of August ** and I had not heard from him for weeks, after many attempts to contact him. I believed that he was busy working on writing my draft, so I continued to make the necessary arrangements to upon receiving his draft get an editor in order and discuss payment for editing the draft ******* was sending me. I also had a publing lawyer on retainer for when I received the draft from ***** he and I would go over all of my publing and distribution rights. The deadline of this project was crucial. With no response from him for several weeks I finally get a response from him on August st, ** days before his deadline that he cannot complete the draft and completely dropped the ball on the entire project. This is an absolute outrage that has cost me thousands of dollars, not to mention the payment made to him to complete this draft. I have searched the internet for a contact number for your company and cannot find any way to reach you all. Please call me, as this matter is far too severe to be typed through a customer forum page. This is horrible business. My phone number is ***--*, or *** -. I expect a phone call today, so we can avoid legal action.
I trust that Fiverr will make this right and come up with a resolution that is fair.

Hi @patriciadow, please edit your post and erase seller’s name. It’s against Forum rules to expose seller’s/buyer’s names or countries.

I would also kindly advise you to contact CS and ask for a refund.

Sorry you’re going through this very bad and sad experience

Hello, Patricia!

Wow, so sorry you’ve had an unpleasant experience with the Seller in question.

Contact CS here. The direct email address is

Sadly, they do not have a :phone: # for Customer Support.


That sounds like an awful experience. It sounds like he sent you a cancellation request, so if that’s correct and you accepted it, you should have received a credit to your Fiverr account for the amount you paid. All you need to do is use the Support link that nikavoice gave you (I’d do that instead of email) and ask them to send that money back to your PayPal account or whatever you used to pay. It’s pretty basic in most cases.

Unfortunately I don’t think the Terms of Service covers any other expenses you might have incurred since the seller is considered an independent contractor. I assume you would have to pursue that with your lawyer as you mentioned. Fiverr is just a platform for sellers and even though they vet Pro sellers, the same ToS applies as far as I know.

You mean fiverr doesn’t track down the relatives of the seller and burn their crops and houses and salt the land so that nothing ever grows there again?


I’m sorry you had this experience, however:

…that is when you should’ve cancelled and looked for someone else. An unresponsive buyer or seller is a major red flag.


You still need to mail the customer support. I am sorry to read about your experience.

I do not understand how I get them to send the refunded money to my pay pal account. What link are you talking about? Where do I find it?

This is the the direct link to submit a ticket.

When you compose a message to them, simply request that your refund be returned to your PP.