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This is BAD! Some ordered Just to Cancel!

I got a buyer who ordered without a conversation - without confirmation not giving in the requirements JUST TO CANCEL

Giving an excuse that “Seller can’t do the job” - come on!!

I have blacked out the buyers name! NO CONVERSION NOTHING! This is done just to screw up the ranking of my gig.

The buyer’s account is a new account there is nothing there!

Come on!

Now what choice do I have??

Now I will loose my ranking just because of someone’s evil intentions!! Can someone help me here!!



I am afraid that nothing could be done, neither now nor ever.


There needs to be a way where CS should NOT affect sellers ranking who are genuine. Now there need to be a seller protection program in place.


Either way it a slow month for me on Fiverr and now this!! :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


Just so you know the Buyer’s name is still visible in the screenie.

Please edit!

Eek! That’s horrible and sadly there’s no protection for this kinda thing.

Unfortunately, You really can’t hold the Buyer’s money hostage. If the Buyer wants to cxl, they’ll just go straight to CS to moan and get what they want.

Also, a word from Fiverr Staff whiz, Matt! :star2:

On my end, it’s showing up as (report) via the profile page.


Thanks for getting it to my attention. I have edited the screenshot and re-uploaded it!

This is where I am feeling bad! Now this is purely an EVIL intention by someone!

I don’t want their money for the work that I have not done! But I care about my ranking and my level. I work hard to keep my ranking and ensure that my levels are not affected. Now this!!

If Fiverr wants to ensure that sellers are doing a good job, then they also need to protect the sellers!!


I can’t find that. Can you please share your screenshot as to where I can find it.

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You should still report the buyer, and situation to CS - it looks like the buyer intentionally did this to mess up your rating, or - even if they didn’t - CS should know that this may be a pattern with this buyer.


This kind of thing is bad, but it’s going to happen from time to time. Forum users can offer advice, but not much else. My advice would be to use the Report button if you have it, and if you don’t (or maybe even do both) send a calm explanation of what happened to Support. They probably can’t do anything for you in this case, but it would put them on notice to see if this buyer is doing this to other people. That way they can remove the buyer account if there is an ongoing issue.

Most people who place orders to “troll” or to do something to the competition won’t spend anywhere near the value of your order, so something stranger seems to be up with yours. I’m not sure what it is. Sorry it happened and all else I can suggest is to try to move forward. There isn’t much else you can do.


Already opened a ticket with CS!


Already done this.

I am aware of this. I am also a regualr on forums! This is why I created a post in “Ranting Pot”

All I am trying to say is that Fiverr needs to listen and protect the sellers!


I think it’s not just bad ranking. But money laundering. Now I got a message that I need to provide him with Amazon gift card of the same value as he made a mistake.

This is purely BAD!!


That’s fine. I responded to you because you wrote this:

Good luck.

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Hi @richardbach

Go to that buyer’s profile, there you’ll see the “report” button. Press it and a window will pop up with options for you to report.

This is a new feature Fiverr rolled out.


Thanks! Got it and reported the buyer too!


My former bestselling gig got taken down using this strategy. Every cancellation was due to people ordering, not supplying details, and then cancelling. I was averaging 2-sales per day. After my last wave of cancellations (all stemming from buyers selling similar services) by sales died completely.

All you can do is…,. Well, get used to it.


I can understand your pain. But - we do work hard to get our gig ranked. Now when this happen feels heart broken and let down :expressionless::expressionless:

It’s not about getting used to with it. But as sellers our voices should be heard and CS need to also take care of us.

I think it was not just the cancellation. It more like a money laundering racket!

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He probably order by mistake …

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400$ is not a mistake! and my Gigs are very explicit as to what I provide! That too for 4 quantity!


Yeah, and when hell freezes over, it will make a nice skating ring. Sorry, but I have literally tried everything to reduce cancellations like this. Complaints to CS, price rises, disclaimers in gigs. You just have to learn your lesson and move on.