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This is beyond outrageous


hi, my gig completely gone from the searched result and category !!!

my gig was among top result of ‘rating’ sort, and now it completely gone, what is happening !!!

gig url:

^ my query on support, and here's the response:

Jay 36 minutes ago
Hi there,

You have 55 orders in queue and this will affect your search. As you deliver and relieve some of the backlog, the system will move your gig back. This is the intended functionality of our system.



what is that had to do, i delivered multiple gigs daily (not to mentioned multiple thumbs up daily!) !!!! and this is what i get for having orders queue on gig?
my gig been having issue showing on serached result, and they never bother and keep on reply with template.

instead of spam service, i provide sincere work on each gigs.
that's it, my career here is gone after been giving my heart out.

good luck u guys.



it just happened to me today, it was fine for 2 yearsss !!

(btw, how do i edit the attachment on 1st post)


@TJHALL I would contact customer support, there are cases where users may loose their levels incorrectly, they “may” be able to reinstate them for you ! No promises but it is worth submitting a ticket here: to find out why


@TJHALL I would contact customer support, there are cases where users may loose their levels incorrectly, they “may” be able to reinstate them for you ! No promises but it is worth submitting a ticket here: to find out why


Reply to @ozzieuk: Maybe I was mistaken because the 2 results with Timelapse in the title were upper case T’s. Now I find his gig with upper or lower case. Somebody must have done something.


Reply to @ozzieuk:

hi, my problem was not that gig!

it’s the gig i posted on 1st msg,

again it’'s completely gone. not slip down or anything.


Seriously, I know what you’re going through it happens to me ALL the time, don’t sweat it. Complete a few of those order and You will come back up. I know it doesn’t mean much when I say that. Hold tight complete some and you’ll see.



i’d been delivered 10 gigs in less than 12 hours after the problem occur.

it never happen in 2 years, and not to mentioned, only happen to my gig in that choosen category.


Reply to @ecnarret:

Who’s searching “timelapse anything” ? No one…

“timelapse and time lapse” are my tags and THATS what I want to show up for, just like it was.


And I’ve only got 5 orders in queue, so I dont want to hear that “Give others a chance stuff” I have NO competition.


Reply to @tjhall:

hi, your gig still up there, u can searched ‘timelapse anything’ and it show up,

as for mine, it completely gone not matter what i searched, even copy the whole title of my gig into search it still no show!!!


This has happened to me as well. I was top rated under search "timelapse and time lapse"

Now I dont show up AT ALL. I’m ok with bugs, but not when theres an infestation.


Reply to @madmoo:

my gig not slip down, it’s gone completely.

they were never a issue for years, people on seo category even stack up hundred of orders. it’s just me that got ‘ban’


reply to both madmoo & ozzieuk

my gig is completely gone!, not slip down.

want me show other gigs that have hundreds of queue on it?

u could just take a look on the category,

oh yea, my gig completely gone at there as well.


Howdy, What Jay told is you completely correct, when you have a large influx of orders your search ranking will fall, it’s to stop you becoming overwhelmed with orders and to give other users a chance. It’s just how it is I’m afraid. As soon as you complete a few you’ll move up again.


thanks, it does help me felt better!

but if the problem last another few days, i think my career here is gone since my gig is on competitive field.

what really regretting was i convert to fiverr as my full time job


Reply to @ecnarret: Sorry to hear…Doesn’t sound fair. However, if it makes you feel any better, I bookmarked your gig as I think I will be using it in the near future.


Reply to @madmoo:

thanks for the advice.

may i know where u heard bout the issue before?

it really seem just only happened to me, other seller gig on the same sort/searched result been fine,

since it happen i had been quickly delivered lot of orders, it even many days before the deadline. problem still remain. :frowning:

my gig completely gone from fiverr. (except copy exact url)

the gig don’t even shown on my own other gig page.

real cruel and sad.


anybody else having the same issue?


I know this isn’t your main gig, however if you were under a ban ALL of your gigs would be removed from search not just the one. You’re right here with another of your gigs: