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This is complaint 2 of 8

This is complaint 2 of 8.

IE and Chrome stall when uploading files *.doc (62Kb), with the spinning arrow. Fox does the same 1/2 the time. Edge does upload, but it takes several attempts.

DO NOT tell me to reboot, clear buffers, or reinstall anything. I already wasted my time doing that.

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It might be a problem on your part. I don’t have any problems on my side. Curious to see if anyone else is experiencing issues.

You already wrote two complaints (2/8 sounds like a manace to me) for problems other users don’t have. I’m thinking the problem stays on your pc and not on Fiverr site…

Fiverr uses content delivery networks for allot of things, this means your getting redirected to a server or cache server closest to you. This is usually the problem when browser issues are ruled out.
In short you’re just getting a bad server or hub.

You could try using another dns such as google’s public dns.
You should also contact customer support, to save time list the things you have already tried.

What kind of internet connection are you using?

And are you able to do other tasks uploading files, like uploading a file to attach to an email or something, is that working fine?