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This is completely unacceptable, UNFAIR ORDER CANCELLATION

Problem still not solved but whatever. I cant delete the post


Sorry, why do you offer translations to English, then?

As for your question: I’m not sure that anything can be done in this case. You can try asking for a different agent to look into things, but it looks like CS already made up their mind, and decided that in this case your service wasn’t as described in the gig page.

Anyway, for future reference, you might want to get rid of unlimited revisions. Promising unlimited revisions seems to attract the wrong king of buyers.

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I work on video editing and my sister is the one that usually takes care of translation customers.

I do not know why tho, I think this is a really unfair decision.

I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks for answering.

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Oh wow, I’m sorry for using so many quotes, as I said It’s my first time here haha :slight_smile: