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This is CRIMINAL! Did anybody experience this like me?


I woke up this morning and I recieved an e-mail from Fiverr saying "Hi eftimov_h,

A dispute was opened via PayPal for your order FO714629251F8: Tip. As a result, we have to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work."

Later, I open fiverr and I see an order worth $50 and plus tipped $10 and reviewd 5 stars got cancelled!

HOW is this possible, this is CRIMINAL and I feel SO UNPROTECTED on this site now.

Did anyone experienced this criminal? What did you do??? Please help.

I don’t know if I can attach screenshots to this topic.


Everyone has gone through this “criminal” situation like you name it.

It happens when the buyer makes a forced chargeback by using the PayPal’s or credit card’s dispute system. The buyer walks away with your money and your work, but you’re still luckier than most of us because you got a 5-star review :wink:

Many of us got a negative review and the buyer left with the money and the work for free, and some lost hundreds of dollars, now that is criminal :wink:

You can’t do much except contact Customer Support, maybe they can offer a partial refund if they see fit.

P.S. as far as I know, PayPal allows a buyer to make a forced chargeback up to 1 year since the purchase, so you’re never safe for 1 year after the delivery if the buyer chooses to get their money back. But, the buyer’s account will be removed by Fiverr since it’s against the ToS do do what that buyer did :wink:


I’ve had two chargebacks so far.

One for $80 and one for $280.

Nothing you can do, I know it sucks.

Fiverr needs to fight this on a corporate level.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. :slight_smile:


I don’t know how can you remain calm. This is not just monopoly money or some kind of joke. We need to adress this issue seriously. This cannot happen and CANNOT be accepted.


Yes, his accuont is removed. I did contact customer suppor and I will get a full refund. I am accepting nothing less. This is THE MOST UN PROFESSIONAL thing that can happen. It is unacceptable.


We’re calm because we got used to this happening through all these years, and you simply can’t do much about it. You’ll be lucky if you convince CS to give you a partial refund back :wink:


the only reason I can remain calm, is because I am at peace with the fact that there’s NOTHING I can do.

I’ve read another post here about you having to contact customer support and asking them to partially compensate you or something to that extent.

His account was removed because that’s how Fiverr deals with chargebacks: they ban the user and their IP.


The problem is beyond Fiverr’s powers - it’s PayPal who allows a buyer to forcefully get their money back up to a year since purchase - what can Fiverr do about it? Paypal is bigger than Fiverr. And it can also not fight all the banks in the world either.


It’s actually up to 6 months.

You are entitled to a chargeback claim within 6 months.

Paypal should be the ones who try and screen those claims.

But they couldn’t bother. :slight_smile:


Are you sure? Because last time I heard it got extended from 6 months to 12 months :frowning:


You’re looking at this wrong. The reason we’re working here and giving 20% of every dollar we earn is not only to get clients BUT also to be PROTECTED. I spoke just spoke with a friend that works on Upwork and he said to me - well that’s why I don’t work on FIverr - on Upwork this can never happen because they keep their sellers protected.


Oh, not sure then.

Maybe you read the updated ToS and I missed that.

Still, it’s a ridiculous amount of time for any online service rendered.


Upwork works differently:

they put the money in escrow but then again, upwork forces you to bid for every project you want to take on.

You wanna have a go at that? :slight_smile:


Also, this is more like theft, not an actual criminal action… a criminal action might be when I got hacked and lost money since my computer was rendered vulnerable and private information leaked to everyone.


On a completely different note:

Why do you advertise yourself as a Top Rated Seller, when you are not awarded with that badge?

You are a leve-2 seller as far as I can tell.


I agree, it is a theft. But I am revolted since this can happen on a site as big as Fiverr and I’m mad because they do not take care of their customers.


People advertise themselfs here as austronauts, how can i say that I am top rated ( all my reviews are highest rated ) if not saying TOP rated? Should I write AllMyReviewsAreHighestPossibleRated SELLER?


When there’s a badge here for that, called “Top Rated Seller”, it implies that you are part of that tier.

Hey you are working on Fiverr, it’s pretty much the same thing as working for Fiverr, why not advertise as Fiverr staff?

You are falsely advertizing something you have not earned yet. It is misleading at best.


You could change it to “Five Star Seller” if you’re referring to your top ratings :wink: Honestly, it sounds better to me than the top rated words… it has more impact this way :wink:


Wait, can we dismiss people from a public forum? :thinking: